Why a piece of Feta was a child almost fatal

With his mother, the four-year investigation came to the hospital. A month earlier he had landed under dramatic circumstances in the emergency room. “The Boy had suffered an anaphylactic shock, a severe allergic reaction,” says Pasquale Mulé, doctor-in-training at children’s hospital in Montreal, Canada. As he told the boys a month later, checked the mother what had happened: The Boy had eaten puff pastry with Feta, and directly after that it was terribly bad. He was plagued by stomach cramps and vomited several times. But above all, the child could hardly breath, it coughed and gasped. In the emergency room, the Doctors injected him with adrenaline now, which stabilizes the circulation and the breathing is way down. Then the Young cortisone and an antihistamine to swallow, to dampen the runaway immune reaction.

The Diagnosis

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The next day, the baby was discharged home. The parents, the Doctors gave them an emergency shot of Epinephrine and an appointment for an Allergy test. Because the physicians had a suspicion: The last Time the mother had varied her recipe. Previously, they had used cheese made from cow’s milk, had tolerated her son always. But this time she had baked with a Feta made from goat’s and sheep’s milk. Had responded the Boy out?

For a so-called Prick Test pieksten Pasquale Mulé and his colleagues him to various potential Allergens into the skin of the forearm. Then they waited whether would form at the Points hives or not. “To cow’s milk, the Boy didn’t respond, but sheep and goat’s milk, and pretty,” says Mulé. The mother, her son milk and ate cheese from the cow, surprised worked: For years, drank. Why he reacted to the sheep and goat? Milk was because milk?

Allergy to milk products – the species is critical

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Milk Allergy tend to react to Caseins. These proteins occur in the milk of cows, sheep and goats. They hardly differ from each other: The amino acid building blocks of a cow casein about votes to 91 percent with those of goat-casein. Cow’s milk Allergy, unfortunately, therefore, often cross-allergies with sheep and goat’s milk – which is why children’s doctors and allergists have warned for years, cow’s milk Allergy sufferers, in particular, to give babies food from goat’s milk.

In very rare cases, such as the small canadian a Patient is able to tolerate even cow’s milk, but his immune system jumps on the few-tails, which are found only in goat or sheep casein. “You should have, therefore, always in the back of my head that have allergies to dairy products also depend on the species of animal: If you tolerate the milk of a species, it does not mean that you can drink any milk from any Mammal,” says Pasquale Mulé.

Infants who are not breastfed, but due to a diagnosed cow’s milk Allergy can tolerate milk powder, therefore a special diet recipe. In this “fully hydrolysed” are the milk proteins into smaller Molecule fragments is split up, the trigger no reaction. In addition, Allergy is worth dealing with a cow’s milk a little patience: Up to six years of age, this type of Overreaction disappears in 90 percent of the affected children of their own.

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