What to do when the doctor’s office is closed?

Of the foot since the days of the thick, the cold persists or the child has to encounter in the swimming pool, the toe is: Who goes with such complaints in the emergency room, must often wait hours for treatment, because real emergencies always take precedence.

What many people don’t know There is help faster. In addition to the 112 service for acute emergencies there is also a number for non-life-threatening diseases – the 116 117 the medical on-call service.

When should I call 112 or 116 117? When should I go directly to the hospital, what time is better to the doctor? Of The Overview.

Someone in life is a risk, then you should select the emergency number 112, advises the Federal government doctor, Peter Sefrin from the German Red cross. The Central sends, where appropriate, an ambulance with emergency doctor to the patient, driving this in the clinic. You can also visit the emergency room.

In the case of less serious complaints, such as acute abdominal pain, fever, or persistent vomiting and diarrhea will help the doctor or the family doctor. You are not to reach, because it is evening, weekend or in the evening, is the willingness to practice, the next point of contact or the phone number of the medical on-call service 116 and 117.

What’s next, if I’ve chosen the 116 and 117?

At the other end of the line personnel, what is best to do informed specifically. For example, type the address of the next open willingness to practice or the family doctor or a family doctor, to come over.

The Suffering is less acute, there are sometimes the Council to go the next day to the house of a doctor, or to stay just a little in bed and cure.

How do I know whether or not a Patient life is in danger?

Someone is in pain, serious injury, shortness of breath or sharp chest or heart, he or she can living in danger. Otherwise, everything would be, which patients usually to the doctor go, usually a case for the medical on-call service.

Even if it’s not so bad: it’s not Worth it in any case, to drive in the emergency ambulance, in order to get the best care?

No. Who goes because of a Bagatelle to the emergency room, you must usually wait a long time. This can be in a crowded Department good six hours, says physician Sefrin.

Sometimes, the patients with trivia would be sent home to report with the note just at the next opportunity by the house doctor. This happens, for example, if someone has been a week long pain in the knee and then on the weekend, the emergency outpatient clinic visits – in order to avoid an appointment with the doctor to wait.

Some have the mistaken belief that in the emergency room, there is a kind of all-Round Check. This is not the case, says Roland Stahl of the cash-medical Federal insurance. It is not an emergency, can be found at the 116 117 faster, what can you do to make the patient better.

What if there is an emergency?

The staff of the medical on-call service are trained to recognize emergencies and can alert you in case of doubt, the emergency services immediately.

In the long term anyway, both numbers 112 and 116, 117 to be merged. Employees of the emergency control centre would then assess whether a Patient in the emergency room or not. Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn wants to achieve, that fewer patients in the often-crowded emergency rooms.

In addition to the 112 and 116 117 there are special numbers – such as children’s readiness service medical or eye medical. How are these to achieve?

These services exist in some regions. Information about patients via the telephone number 116 117 or this Website. In the case of severe toothache the dental readiness service helps, for example. Swallow the tablets accidentally, the Poison. In addition, there are also gynaecological or psychiatric help in the evening and on weekends.

What is a call at these numbers cost?

Nothing – no matter if patients call by mobile or landline.

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