What distinguishes the first Coronavirus case in Germany of other cases

In Germany, the detection of infected four people with the Coronavirus. The three other cases are in “connection with the first case”, – stated in a communication by the Bavarian Ministry of health, which was released on Tuesday. “Also, these patients are employees of the company from the district of Starnberg, in the case of the first person is busy.” The Infected seem to be doing well under the circumstances. The disease gradients were currently “very, very mild,” said health Minister Jens Spahn on Wednesday in the ZDF”morning magazine”.

A virologist on Coronavirus

"The disease is in a majority of cases easily, sometimes without even Symptome"

The Coronavirus has its origin in the Chinese metropolis of Wuhan, and triggers a lung disease with symptoms such as fever, cough and shortness of breath. In China, there are currently 6000 confirmed cases, 132 people died. The majority of the cases seems to be easy. Many patients are in the local connection with the metropolis of Wuhan and the Chinese province of Hubei – either because they have themselves had halted, or personal contact to people on the ground.

Also the first infection case in Germany is due to the Chinese Region. The 33-year-old man was apparently on the 21. January is during a training event at a Chinese colleague, which was for a few days to visit in Germany. Before the trip, the woman had had contact with their parents, who come from the most affected Region of Wuhan. The woman was on 23. January to China, traveled back, and I felt on the way home ill, had Andreas Zapf, President of the Bavarian state office for health and food safety, explained on Tuesday in Munich.

Transmission in the incubation period?

The first case is for researchers of special interest: “It is the second human-to-human Transmission outside of China, the first was in Vietnam,” says Lars what a pity, the Director of the center for Biological hazards at the Robert Koch-Institute. Of the cases in France the German case is different therefore. “The Person was not even in China, but had with a Person from China contact, the service was in Germany.”


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Apparently, the woman from China had shown during their stay in Germany, still no symptoms of the disease. “It seems to be the case in Bavaria, plugged in, while the index case (note.d.Red.: Person from whom the infection originated) is still in the incubation period was, therefore, no disease symptoms had”, so what a pity. “This has already been reported from China, however, is as yet unclear whether these are isolated cases or are more often.” The Robert Koch Institute, will take according to what a pity, however, to the occasion, and the recommendations to adjust, when persons are considered to be infectious and as with the contact persons should be handled.

“The health Department identified all close contacts of people and is a domestic quarantine Vera, up to the end of the 14. Day after the last contact with the patient. In this time, the contact persons in control of with the help of a diary of your health, the health Department recorded the data on a daily basis. Something is conspicuous, it is tested the Person and isolated”, so what a pity.

The first cases in Germany

A flu vaccination can help: The most important questions and answers about the Coronavirus

The aim of this approach is the Infektionskettte to interrupt. “It is important that real suspected cases and, of course, the confirmed cases are professionally isolated in the hospital, even if they are maybe ill, just slightly.”

Minister Spahn calls to “alert Serenity”

Bavarian health Minister Melanie Huml said on Tuesday evening that approximately 40 employees of the company have been identified as close contacts of the infected persons in question. “The Affected are to be tested on Wednesday as a precaution.” The route of transmission of syphilis of the three other Infected, there is still no information. The Bavarian Ministry of health wants to give out in the course of the day, a press release.

The Minister of health, Jens Spahn, has called in the face of the Virus on Wednesday to “alert Serenity”. “It was to be expected that it also leads to infections in Germany, through contact with travelers from China.” It is crucial that any patients identified in Germany in a fast and isolated.

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