What distinguishes a psychologist from a psychiatrist

Even if the names sound similar: Between a psychiatrist and a psychologist, there are large differences. And then there is also the psychological psychotherapists. An Overview of the various job titles.

Deals for psychotherapy and counselling seem to – at least for self-payers – to be abundant. Especially in the Internet amazed therapy interested in a variety of methods, some of them not found under exotic names. What Concerned prior to the election.

Difference between psychiatrist and psychologist

The psychiatrist: From the obsolete word nervous doctor are two modern medical professions. To a neurologist, which does not care about the emotional Well-being of patients, but only with the diagnosis, treatment and Rehabilitation of diseases of the nervous system is busy. The psychiatrist is the specialist for the treatment of mental disorders. He conducts psychotherapy and prescribes medications – the so-called psychotropic drugs.

The psychologist: psychologists are not medical Doctors and prescribe, therefore, also no drugs. They deal in studying extensively the behavior of people, as well as with the psychological diagnosis, such as personality or intelligence tests. They are found in many areas. Psychologists work with the police and help Create profiles. But also in large companies you will help in the HR Department in the selection of personnel. Important here: the cost of The treatment, the statutory health insurance covers only in case of the further qualification for psychological psychotherapists.

Anabel Ternès is master of science in education with an emphasis in psychology. She is the founder of Well ID, a digital Service provider in the field of preventive health management.

And what is a psychotherapist?

In Germany , a legally protected title that is tied to the University completion of a multi-year training in one or more approved psychotherapeutic method is “psychotherapist”. This was completed and the approvals received, both psychologists as well as Doctors “psychotherapist”. Psychological psychotherapists are the same for all diseases which may be treated by psycho-therapeutic discussions and Exercises, such as pressures, depression, Addiction, or Complex. They frequently work with psychiatrists, to accompany a drug treatment to initiate. Graphics: Psychologio The differences between psychiatrist, psychology, psychotherapist, and a naturopath, in comparison

As a naturopath differ

In contrast to Physicians and psychologists, naturopaths do not have to have a subject-specific University study. You have to make sure that it is often a private practitioner or school often many years of specialist training. Although training is not mandatory, you must still meet certain requirements, according to § 1 and 2 of the current law for alternative medical practitioners (HeilprG), and accordingly, a medical Review or examination. Also medical practitioner of psychotherapy, however, the required training will not be by the psychotherapist to law, but by the “law on the professional practice of medicine without accreditation” of 1939 regulated. Consequently, you are not allowed to carry the professional title of “psychotherapist”, but are legally obliged to do so, either the concepts of "Naturopath for Psychotherapie" or "Alternative practitioner restricted to the field of Psychotherapie" to use. Wherein here, too, the healing practitioner’s law must be the basis is always visible. The therapy costs, however, are not adopted in this treatment of the statutory health insurance Fund.

Tip of the expert:

The relationship between Patient and therapist is the cornerstone for successful therapy. A target, to make agreements and to complete tasks that are in need of a therapist and Patient a positive “working relationship”. Trust is a basic prerequisite to the difficult issues that cause any feelings of shame or guilt to address. Therefore anybody Affected should consider in the choice of the therapist exactly what support you need and, if appropriate, the own health insurance or the house doctor.