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In the swimming pool or in the gym, in the Sauna or in the Hotel. Where many people go barefoot, it’s easy: viruses can enter through small injuries in the upper layer of the skin and cause an infection with the warts. The chamber of pharmacists of lower Saxony warns to scratch at warts or sharp objects such as knives to use.

Most of the benign growths caused by human papilloma virus (HPV). Depending on the type of rough outgrowth in different parts of the body, moved to the areas. On the soles of the feet can be expressed by the so-called mosaic warts. As in a Bed, you appear numerous. To the under sides of the feet are also heavily keratinized warts occur which are marked by black points. They grow deep in the skin and are often associated with significant pain when Running.

In the face, on the fingers, and less frequently under the nail plate may show so-called ordinary or vulgar warts. They appear scaly cauliflower-like, and pinhead – to pea-size. On the hands and face flat warts, and warts are called a nest also. These are generally only a few millimeters in size, and, as the Name suggests, quite flat. They affect particularly young people and children.

Warts are contagious

Warts, which are caused by viruses, are contagious. Therefore, the top priority is to treat the growths! In any case, warts may be pierced. In a consultation in the pharmacy Concerned can clarify what kind of self-medication is out of the question. Small or flat warts can be by using a nitrogen applicator ice. After one to three treatments, you fall normally. Carefully applied special patches or solutions, the salicylic or lactic acid, can dissolve the keratinization of warts. The surrounding healthy skin is protected against the corrosive substances, it should be with a high-fat cream is covered.

In addition, warm Hand – baths or foot baths can achieve a good effect. The softened top layer of skin can be removed gently with a pumice stone. Depending on how deep and thick the wart is, you can take the treatment for several weeks. The limits of self-medication are achieved when an ordinary mandrel, Flat or mosaic warts do not respond to the therapies. In this case, as in the case of very deep plantar warts or massive attack should consult Affected doctor. The skin image is unclear, advise pharmacist also to visit a dermatologist, for example, skin cancer exclude. Also the Po and the genital area can be of viral-induced nodules &ndash be infested; from genital warts, the appearance of reddish to grey-whitish. They are predominantly transmitted through unprotected sexual intercourse and need to be treated by a physician.

Compassionate care reduces risks

In principle, a good skin care reduces the risk of Infection. In the swimming pool or after a shower at home, you should always ensure that the toe and finger spaces in between to dry well. In addition, no towels or wash should be divided lobes with potentially infected persons. For dry skin it helps to put on back fat at the end of cleaning products as well as nourishing creams and showers are not too hot. A strengthened immune system and good circulation reduce the risk of infection is also: Useful, especially regular exercise in the fresh air. A balanced diet does the Rest.

Not by the HPV virus Dell be caused by the way the warts. Those bright-red, pinhead large nodules have a Central recess. Neither Virus is still contagious in grey are triggered-brown to black age warts. Usually they spread to the chest and back, as well as in the face, and be favored by UV-radiation.

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