Virus in the Luggage: Indian guest workers to flee and despite a curfew in your home

Crowd in a bus station in Delhi. Actually, a 21-day output is in India lock. The population should stay home. But hundreds of thousands of guest workers due to the measures taken by the government without income, there remains nothing than of the large cities in their home regions to return. The public transport is set, possibly with private coaches, trucks or even on foot, you come out ahead. Every opportunity is used to get only a kilometre ahead. Who does not need to travel, but the instructions of the government is to follow, must be inventive, just like these men in the state of West Bengal. You’ll be since then, and under a tree. “The doctor told us that we should keep us away from each other. But we don’t each have a room in our house. We then decide to volunteer for the life on the tree. It works out well.” In India have been confirmed until Sunday, more than a thousand infections with the Coronavirus, 24 people had died in the meantime. Measured at 1.3 billion inhabitants, it is the seems to be no low numbers due to the mass Exodus of guest workers, but could spread the Coronavirus more.