Victory for the small man to the chemical group of the beginning of the end for glyphosate

A pattern process in San Francisco confirmed glyphosate-critics: The weed killer from Monsanto is to blame for the lymph glands cancer of the plaintiff. The verdict fueled the discussion of whether glyphosate should be banished from Fields and gardens.

Normally, court processes and judgments in the United States have no meaning for the people in this country. Thus, a Federal district court in San Francisco is busy, however, represents an exception. At the Golden Gate Avenue is negotiated, whether or not glyphosate is a cause of Cancer. The verdict could change the future assessment of the Weed killer. The discussion splits today physicians and health policy makers in Germany.

30 years of glyphosate – Edwin Hardman’s cancer?

The 70-year-old Edwin Hardeman from Santa Rosa had sprayed his large plot for almost 30 years regularly and intensively with “Roundup”, the globally distributed weed killer Monsanto. The most effective herbicide in the agricultural industry as popular as in the case of hobby gardeners. Meanwhile, Monsanto is feared-invention from the ‘ 70s, but also because the active ingredient glyphosate, a cancer lurks risk.

Whether it is dangerous to humans, is debated among scientists. The Californians Edwin Hardeman is convinced that glyphosate is to blame for his cancer of the lymph nodes. He wants Monsanto assumes the responsibility – or the German chemical group Bayer has bought the seed producers from St. Louis, Missouri, in the summer of 2016 for 55 billion.

Jury convinced that glyphosate is “an essential factor for lymph node cancer of the Edwin Hardeman”

A six-member Jury in San Francisco unanimously came to the conclusion that the active ingredient glyphosate, “an essential factor for the lymph glands is cancer of the Edwin Hardeman”.

The plaintiff now has a good chance on a multi-million dollar compensation and Bayer bad cards, out of the thing with a blue eye.

More than 11,000 lawsuits – that will be expensive for the Bayer subsidiary

For Bayer, the case Hardeman is so explosive, because he is one of a plurality of Patterns, and thus the direction of for additional upcoming processes. Across the USA 9000 of similar cases should be pending. Until the end of January Monsanto over 11,000 complaints were.

Take the case of Dewayne Johnson in the summer of 2018 as a benchmark, to come on Bayer’s subsidiary company, Monsanto billion in receivables. The former janitor of a California school, a court had reduced to $ 289 million, and later to 78 million for Pain and suffering, and compensation awarded: 25 years of green care with “Roundup” would have led to his cancer of the lymph nodes, Monsanto would not have been adequately warned of in front of it. Reuters/Josh Edelson , The plaintiff in the first glyphosate-process, Dewayne Johnson

No cancer by glyphosate – the chemical insists group

The manufacturer of the Weed killer saw and sees no need to. Monsanto and Bayer are convinced according to his own statements, that glyphosate causes cancer.

Actually, the exact causes for Non-Hodgkin’s lymphomas are still not clear, as the two previous applicants. There is a risk factors, primarily viral infections, such as with the Epstein-Barr or HIV and other immunodeficiency diseases.

Monsanto held studies or risks concealed?

Important for the accusation to glyphosate: various chemical substances, can promote the emergence of a Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. In addition to organic solvents, which are widely used in industry, wearing killers and the common way of dealing with Weeds, or in the case of glands insecticides in agriculture an increased risk for lymphatic cancer.

The Jury in the California Federal court were sufficient and the Edwin Hardeman, to see a causal link between glyphosate in Monsanto’s “Roundup” and cancer. It is unclear how much of the sentiment against Monsanto played a role. The group is said to have held unpopular studies back and put pressure on scientists to be exercised. The Hardeman-defense had brought the contrary to the statement by judge Vince Chhabria in the process.

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In principle, carcinogenic – but it is also dangerous for people?

In General, the reviews of the health risks of glyphosate are inconsistent, even in Europe, even in Germany:

Although the world health organization (WHO), glyphosate 2015, as a “likely carcinogen” had been classified, approved by the EU in the 2017 a registration of the substance for a further five years. The European food safety authority, Efsa did not want to follow the WHO.

The Argument of the glyphosate-supporters: The cancer Agency of the WHO had assessed the fundamental ability of glyphosate to cancer. This does not mean that the amount of the people in case of proper application in contact, would be sufficient, causing cancer.

WHO against Efsa and the EU court of first instance against Efsa

What is it that makes the glyphosate-opponents are skeptical: The Efsa did not want to make your positive judgment, all studies on glyphosate to the public. An EU court judgment from the beginning of March has just said that the authority now.

Glyphosate promotes the bees are dying

Glyphosate is also often brought to die in connection with the Insects. There is no clear evidence. It is obvious, however, that the conventional agriculture with the use of pesticides to bees and other insects, also birds, removes the basis for life.