Urine, blood, snot, semen: What is the color reveals about your health

Is this normal? At some of the functions of the body, this question is making us uncomfortable, even to the doctor. For example, if the body secretions of their color or consistency change. Here, what is the meaning of the change experience, when is it harmless and when is it to be a Problem.

About things, what our body is doing, or secretes, we are not talking. But we already know what it means, if body fluids to look suddenly different or strange smell. It is harmless, or a doctor must be consulted? Here is an Overview.

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Nasal secretion of healthy mucous to purulent infection

The breath of wet trails, and to keep it supple, produced Secretion in the body every day, more than a Liter. Part of it accumulates in the nose of a thin fluid to a caked. Color and consistency of the nasal discharge to show whether the nasal mucosa is healthy, or of germs is populated.

Transparent, watery: When in cold air, secretes the nasal mucosa aqueous droplets from. To runs also the start of a cold, the nose is often like a leaky faucet. The body tries to get rid of the cold viruses, which have a foothold in the nasal mucous membrane. The liquid consists mainly of water, and some Protein, salt, and immune cells.

White, slimy: In the case of a cold, the watery nasal secretions to the mucus. It has Similarity with the milky white of an egg and can be as much as the handkerchief consumption of a cold shows troubled. Also in the case of allergic rhinitis, the nose secretions of these consistency. This is due to the swelling of the nasal mucosa. As a result, the Secretions can not drain out so easily, it loses water and becomes thick liquid.

Yellow-green, sticky: If the color of the secretion from yellow to green alternates, have the bacteria to the common cold and viruses, is added. Now, you should make sure that the harmless runny nose is not sinusitis. Pain behind and under the eyes are a sign. Now a visit to the doctor is advisable, especially if fever is added.

Pink, thick liquid: in the nasal secretions bright reddish streaks to see, is the blood mixed in. This may be due to one or several ruptured Veins, the tear clean to the Nose. To such a small injury it is often the case when the mucous membrane inflamed skin or very dry. Sometimes it even gets a nosebleed. It is only weak and short, there is no reason to worry. Get a bloody nose mucus and nose bleed frequently, you should see an ENT doctor the nasal mucosa once.

Dark brown, crumb: Dark particles in the nasal secretions are almost always remnants of dried blood in the Nose to bark harden had.

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Urine – pale as chamomile tea or brown like strong beer

In the urine, many of the health parameters read: The excretion reveals the blood sugar concentration, bacteria, inflammation or impaired kidney function. Some of the suspended solids are visible to the naked eye, some of the complaints are the odor or the color of the urine. Most of the differences in the color intensity depend simply on the amount they drink.

Clear, pale: If the urine is particularly bright and totally tansparent is, you probably have just a lot of fluid to be taken.

Clear, brownish: The opposite of bright is created, if you know very little drinking. Also, the morning urine is rather dark, if you don’t have at night picked up a glass of Water. The kidneys are not regularly flushed, the urine. In the long term this thickening is unhealthy. If the urine looks so often like a strong beer, you should drink more, so the kidneys and bladder are not damaged.

Harmless yellow or orange urine is bright-if someone takes vitamins, especially B-vitamins are so excreted intense colour.

Cloudy, fuzzy: The deterioration with visible small particles are usually signs of a urinary tract infection. But also sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea (gonorrhea) can have this Symptom.

Cloudy, reddish streaks: Associated with a constant urge to urinate and pain when urinating blood in the urine is a sign of a bladder infection. Kidney infections or kidney stones can cause blood in the urine. Other possible, but rarer causes: kidney or prostate cancer, as well as among smokers frequent cancer of the bladder.

Cloudy, foamy: If it is when the water foams, it means the most too much protein in the urine. One of the kidney is working properly. Causes of this dysfunction can be the Diabetes, but also hypertension. After a great physical exertion, the urine can froth temporarily.

Clear, smell: Who that asparagus loves, paid for the pleasure with a pungent smell of urine, such as age drain the asparagus broth. The asparagus is metabolized to acid, the smelling substances and are excreted in the urine.

Clear or cloudy, sweet-smell: Fruity-sweet smelling urine in Diabetes. The body tries, the Excess sugar through the urine to get rid of. Sweet smell of urine can also indicate a pregnancy or a pregnancy diabetes. A disturbed blood sugar metabolism must be clarified by the doctor.

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Blood – the health barometer par excellence

Even more than the urine, our blood reveals about the health. We can, however little it shows, at best, whether it’s arterial, oxygen-rich or venous, deoxygenated blood is a light red, the other dark red and slightly bluish.

Who blood in the stool , you can roughly see where the source of bleeding is near the Anus (bright Red), or rather in the upper gastro-intestinal tract (dark red to black blood). What is it with the blood, but must find out, in any case, a doctor.

Menstrual blood reveals the level of Estrogen

The blood that women with Menstruation lose, gives health information: hormone fluctuations, or even diseases.

The blood is watery and light pink, it may indicate a low level of Estrogen. Also in the case of a lack of nutrition or Extreme dieting, the color of the menstruation can make blood verb. The menstruation is suddenly brighter than normal, it could indicate the beginning of a pregnancy.

The blood is thick and dark red, can be a excessive levels of Estrogen is to blame. There is a lot of mucous builds up and the skin in the uterus, which is violently repelled. Very dark blood may also indicate a fibroid, a benign Tumor.

In the blood values of our health is reflected

The major health statements makes our blood in the laboratory. Small, large, and differential blood count reveal the function of our organs and major metabolic values. In the blood, hormone, Vitamin and immune status can be identified. Also tumor markers in suspected and more specific search in our blood.

These are the most commonly tested blood components and why they are important (in brackets):

  • Leukocytes/white blood cells (immune response)
  • Platelets/Blood Platelet (Blood Clotting)
  • Erythrocytes/red blood cells (oxygen transport)
  • Hemoglobin/red blood pigment (blood poverty)
  • Hematocrit (Thrombosis)
  • HDL – and LDL-cholesterol (fat metabolism)
  • Glucose and HbA1c (Diabetes)
  • Creatinine, GfR (Kidney)
  • ALT, AST, gamma-GT, AP (liver and bile)
  • c-reactive Protein CRP (inflammatory processes)
  • TSH (thyroid-value)

Semen – an indicator for men’s health

The seminal fluid is an indicator of men’s health. Healthy sperm is milky, slightly glossy and glassy sticky threads interspersed. It has a characteristic odor. Changes can be indicative of diseases or quite harmless.

Pink to brown streaks: you can by an STD, a prostate gland inflammation or by severe high blood pressure, the finest Capillaries in the prostate to burst, had caused.

Yellowish discoloration: The discoloration with liver disease related to it, as well as by a high proportion of yellow-orange dyes in food raised to be.

Greenish discoloration: This color difference suggests that in the vast majority of cases, a sexually transmitted disease like gonorrhea the way.

Glass is clear instead of milky-white: This is a reference to the fact that efferent slow roads are closed. Trigger for infections of the epididymis, the seminal vesicle, or the VAS deferens are.

Lumpy, small amount of: The cause of this is mostly harmless, namely, that the last ejaculation was a long time ago. Then the seeds thickens the liquid somewhat.