This Is What Your Star Sign Says About Your Sex Life

If you thought your sexual prowess was down to a mix of old school Cosmo sealed sections and a splash of experience, think again. According to a recent study by condom company Skyn, your bedroom behaviour is also influenced by the stars.

The contraceptive brand surveyed around 2000 people and found that men and women with certain zodiac signs shared unique characteristics and habits.

Here’s what astrology has to say about your sex life, best taken with a whopping grain of salt…

Capricorn: most confident in bed

Aquarius: use lube 51% of the time

Pisces: 30% have had open relationships

Aries: last longest during sex

Gemini: overreport number of sexual partners

Taurus: 28% fake orgasms

Cancer: has the most sex

Leo: most likely to sext

Virgo: underreport sexual partners

Scorpio: most likely to use restraints

Libra: masturbate the most

Sagittarius: most like to use condoms

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