The Smell Of The Mouth – An Intestinal Problem

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  • The Smell Of The Mouth – An Intestinal Problem
  • The body detoxifies
  • Chewing gums and mouthwashes contain toxins
  • The gift strain is versatile
  • First loads are through the mouth odour significantly
  • Colon cleansing and deacidification
  • Ginger against mouth odor

The Smell Of The Mouth – An Intestinal Problem

Between the mouth and the colon there is a direct connection. This connection also works in the opposite direction. Anyone who has a bad breath, it can be assumed, therefore, also of a bad intestinal situation which is perceived through the breath.

The body detoxifies

The morning bad breath is caused by the nightly detoxification of the body. Because at night, when we sleep, no food needs to be digested, our body free energy, to neutralize the existing acids and toxins, and to recovery.

Mouth odor is a sign of detoxification. The stronger the odor is, the safer it can be assumed that the body – and in particular of the intestine.

A person who is neither intestinal problems, excessive use of drugs is charged, remains from the unpleasant mouth odor spared. A fully entgifteter man can even do without for days on dental hygiene such as brushing your teeth, he developed mouth odor.

Chewing gums and mouthwashes contain toxins

To the bad mouth odor smell to counteract, the Affected to a variety of mouthwashes, Menthol candies for fresh breath or to taste refreshing chewing gum. Understandable, but dangerous, because these products to a variety of chemical substances are included, how cheap most alcohols, sweeteners, colors, artificial flavors and a lot of materials, and more.

You will be absorbed mucous membranes directly on the Mouth and get so particularly quickly in the bloodstream. Since the body is not familiar with these chemical substances, they are stored in the connective tissues of the body. This means – in conjunction with the already excessive toxic load in the body, and thus Overloading of the connective tissue, further disadvantages for our health.

The gift strain is versatile

If we treat our body over a long period of time is bad, we do not need to wonder about a correspondingly poor health. To the bad treatment of the consumption of highly processed foods, refined sugar, fried food, Fast Food and much to large quantities of cooked food, for example. Taking chemically-produced drugs as well, such as the chemically produced dietary supplements.

In addition, many foods from the supermarket are contaminated with pesticides. Completely also the danger of the huge amounts of chemical substances in so-called brands-body care products out is underestimated. Quite apart from the toxins, which our body is exposed on a daily basis by the enormous burden on the environment. Nevertheless, our body is able to, the toxic exposure over a very long period of time – sometimes many years – to compensate.

First loads are through the mouth odour significantly

In times of higher gut load both the smell of the mouth, as well as excessive body can adjust to the smell. In the case of the person Concerned should respond, and his food and living habits, check and if necessary change.

The first signs of an Overload, will be disregarded, will respond to the body in the health problems in the Form of diseases. At least now, the Affected person should respond.

Colon cleansing and deacidification

There’s a cleaned intestine, shows no outgassing, is a bowel cleansing the drug of choice for the solution of such problems. With the help of colon cleansing the colon is freed of slag from ancient metabolism, which for the unpleasant exhalations responsible.

In the case of strong body odor, a deacidification treatment is indicated. With the help of this treatment the acids leads to an increased extent via the kidneys, and not through the skin. As a result, the skin is relieved as the rejection of the organ significantly, and the annoying body odor disappears.

A thoroughly entsäuerter man has not even smell then no body when he’s in the shower for days. And on a Deodorant or any other scent of water can safely be dispensed with.

For your health sake you should start tonight, if possible with a detoxification and deacidification of your body, and your nutritional and life-altering way.

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Ginger against mouth odor

Do you suffer from chronic halitosis, then the above-mentioned holistic measures are the best solution to achieve long-term success. A quick fix for acute cases of ginger is.

Ginger activates the saliva, the formation of a certain enzyme that breaks down foul-smelling substances. While the normally existing amount of this enzyme is not sufficient to resolve significant mouth odor (otherwise it wouldn’t be there), the ginger, the level of this enzyme on the 16-Fold increase.

You chew so if the mouth odor is simply a piece of ginger and you distribute this way your mouth smell.

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