The mandatory vaccination is coming now? Berlin’s FDP shall, after warning of the WHO request

New discussion about vaccinations: After the world health organization, WHO, provided with the warning sensation that the opponents are one of the biggest health risks in the world, now the Berlin Opposition in the house of representatives with the topic of vaccination compulsory. Therefore, the parliamentarians will vote in February on whether it should be in the capital in the future, a compulsory vaccination. The “daily mirror”reported.

In France and Italy, children must submit prior to registration in a daycare centre a record of it. Such a statutory scheme, it is not available in Germany so far. The FDP has presented in the Berlin house of representatives a request, in which it is stated: “The Senate will be prompted for the state of Berlin adopted a binding legal regulation, which is the Vaccination of newborns and all children up to 6. Age regulates mandatory.” The Initiative has promoted Florian Kluckert (FDP), member of the health Committee. He told the “daily mirror” on Sunday that vaccinations in school age should be made. The ruling coalition rejected a vaccination in the past.

SPD Federal politician Karl Lauterbach had demanded after the criticism of the world health authority is also a compulsory vaccination.

CDU will agree to the request, probably

Tim-Christopher Zeelen, Deputy Chairman of the CDU parliamentary group and a member of the Committee for health, called for mandatory vaccination of daycare children: “A mostly ideologically motivated stance of Impfgegnern a result, the measles vaccination is boycotted, although there is a maximum of risk-free vaccination. In contrast, a Non-vaccination of children is associated with high risks. The parents endanger not only the health of your own child, but also the stranger, part of the protection of vulnerable children.” He pointed out that it would not act in the case of measles, an innocuous childhood disease – in the worst case, you could even lead to death.

Catherina Pieroth (Green) wants more investment, when it comes to Information and education about the benefits of vaccinations. In addition, should be ensured by means of a status query, that vaccinations are not forgotten. In addition, the politician requests that the public health service will be strengthened.

The vaccination compulsory is legally controversial: If a vaccination violates the right to physical integrity is unreasonable, is not clarified final. Also on the question of whether mandatory vaccination and day-care centre can exclude the claim, arguing lawyers.

Sources: daily mirror / DAZ