The itching and psychological problems often occur together

People with chronic itching suffering increasingly from mental diseases, such as a recent study from Sweden shows. Through a better treatment of skin diseases may have severe depression or anxiety disorders could be prevented, the scientists hope.

People itching suffer more mental health symptoms such as depression, anxiety and thoughts of suicide. The surveys of more than 3,500 dermatological patients and 1,300 people without skin disorders from 13 European countries, including Germany.

Patients with pruritus showed an increase of 14.1 percent symptoms of depression, without the itching, there were only 5.7 percent of patients. Similar distribution patterns were also anxiety and suicidal thoughts observed. Patients with pruritus also reported more frequent negative life events and economic problems than people without itching.

Entzündungen köcould the reason für the connection be

The researchers believe it is likely that the skin diseases are the cause of the itching, which in turn has a psychological impact. "It is conceivable that itching with the skin inflammation and this inflammation of the Serotonin network in the brain to activate, which in turn leads to depression and anxiety führt", write to the dermatologist Florence J. Dalgard and her Co-authors. This assumption is, however, more research is necessary.

But even without knowing the exact reasons for the correlations, the researchers to the conclusion that itching contributes significantly to the mental strain, and think it is conceivable that a relief of the itching could prevent the development of serious psychological symptoms.