The fear of a cold, many make a crucial mistake – you too? Video

To sick friends and colleagues to infect, it attracts currently, many healthy people in the pharmacy. There, you obtain preparations that strengthen the immune system. Although many pharmacists will not sell this willingly, advises against a General practitioner.

Many people currently fear a cold and wish for a strong immune system. In the pharmacy, with prevention funds, stock, is, however, according to experts is not advisable. General practitioner Martin Scherer explains: “For a cold, do I have to do it with a variety of viruses. To want to the immune system non-specifically stimulate, is not useful. When it comes to me, well, then there’s no more there’s a lot to optimize. The products available here, lead to a nonspecific activation of the immune system – for them, there is no reliable efficacy evidence.“

However, pharmacies sell it apparently willing the unnecessary medications to healthy customers. A sample of the consumer magazine market in the NDR television. Testers were in ten pharmacies on the way, and said each Time: “I am healthy, and want to protect me but in the cold time before a contagion.”

The result: Nine pharmacies sold drugs to protect against the common cold and strengthen the immune system. The costs were between seven and just under 50 Euro. The money you can save. According to the pharmacologist, Gerd Glaeske of the products sold have to do with the immune system. In most cases, it was “Geschäftemacherei".

Buyers should be especially in the case of products for children carefully. Scherer warns that it is in the growth phase, the immune system should not be stimulated non-specifically.

Only a pharmacy has sold in the “market”Test nothing, but the customer is recommended to eat a balanced diet and to move in the fresh air.