The body responds to less sugar

To get the slope to a Sweet handle, for many, is not so easy, and it can take up to two weeks to get used to a sugar-reduced diet. Samantha Coogan, President of the Nevada Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, explains what are the effects of a candy-stop has on the body.

"If you omit the sugar, you can avoid a boatload full of empty and useless calories, which helps you lose weight – as long as you don’t replace it with other empty calories," explains Coogan. In some people first, withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, stomach problems, or disorders of bowel function can occur. Coogan explains this as follows: "If your body to certain substances has been used, the Escape of this substance to your body in a state of shock. These withdrawal symptoms may persist for a few days to two weeks."

Once the beginning is made, set according to Coogan, but a lot of improvements, for example the hair, skin and nails. In addition, the Demand decreases for the sugar drastically, and you can sleep better. The performance in sports and at work, and reduced to finally the belly fat, because there is no excess of sugar is more than stored fat.

Coogan mentions some tips on how to get appetite for Sweets in the handle: it is recommended to drink more water, chew gum or snacking on fruit instead of sweets. This finally leads to that the taste changes: fruit tastes sweet again, and sometimes certain foods will be felt even too sweet.

How long all this will take depends on individual factors. The genetic, chronic diseases, physical activity, and age and gender can play a role in how strong and how long the body on the withdrawal of sugar reacts.


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