“The bed is only for Sleep and Sex”

Live Smarter #9: know Why Albrecht, as we finally get to sleep better

In Germany alone, millions of people do not lie awake at night, sleep through the night or get the head in the bed is not turned off. The circles of thought, and each glance to the alarm clock highlights: The night is getting shorter and shorter. And the panic rises before the next working day.

“You should turn around the Mindset. If I’m awake at night, I look to the alarm clock and think: Cool, I can still sleep two hours!” sleep researcher Albrecht Vorster recommends.

The Problem starts a few hours earlier. Because many people spend during the day is much too much time in bed – and unlearn so its actually: “The bed is supposed to be for the body of the Signal: Hey, now sleep, now I’m gone. If the bed is used for reading, Work, Tablet, mobile phone, Laze around, then the body will not know what to do. The bed is only for Sleep and Sex.”

On average, we sleep by the way, seven and a half hours and like to go out between eleven and twelve o’clock to bed. But the ideal sleep pattern differs from person to person once again. To find out, recommends Albrecht the holiday as the ideal test period: “The first week, just nice to sleep in and in the second week, on a whim to go to bed. Also write down what time you went to bed and got up. And then you can average. And this is what you need, probably.”

And Albrecht warns of permanent lack of sleep. Who sleeps for two or three years to a little on the back of his body enormous. Our sleep determines whether we feel during the day, well, how we look, how our body weight is and whether our immune system works properly.

How can we better finally sleep through the night? Sleep help at all? And when sleep disorders are pathological?

The answers are there in the new episode of the podcast “Smarter life”.

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