Summer, Sun, Sunburn

Summer, Sun, Sunburn. Yet about 30 years ago that was the case in many families, or on the construction site almost as normal. Even if the awareness is increased of the dangers of skin cancer, meanwhile, remains a legacy of that time: dermatologists expect for the next 30 years with a significant increase of all skin cancer types in Germany.

“We are now seeing the effects of the Seventies and eighties, in which tan was chic,” said Dirk Schade village, skin doctor, and eat at the hospital, at the meeting of the German Dermatological society in Berlin. Often decades pass, until from skin damage develops due to a sunburn skin cancer.

Currently, in Germany, around 300,000 new cases diagnosed per year, says a pity the village. Thus, skin cancer is one of the most common types of cancer. In the majority it was the less dangerous of white skin cancer, with 23,000 cases of black skin cancer concern. This includes other rare types of skin cancer come.

An Overview:

Education: The people in Germany are now aware of the risk of skin cancer. However, sun cream was applied often nor too thin or not often enough, says pity the village. This prevents the printed sun protection factor is achieved. “A pack of sun protection keeps per Person, maybe two weeks. But not three summers for a family,” said the dermatologist. Alone, for the face experts recommend a teaspoon of cream.

Work: Whether Asparagus harvesters, builders and roofers – many of the sun on the work not to be missed. Since 2015 skin cancer is recognized as one of around 80 occupational diseases. He documents with rank three one of the top spots, reported by Christoph Skudlik, physicians at the Institute for interdisciplinary Dermatological prevention and Rehabilitation in Osnabrück.

Sun cream is for Skudlik only at the end of a prevention chain. “We need to get that shadow stab-giving tents to the Asparagus or the sun sailing on construction sites are as normal as the use of seat belts in the car,” he says. The same shall apply for protective clothing and headgear – for example, even for a lifeguard. “That doesn’t look ridiculous, which acts in a professional manner.” Controls the sun protection requirements for the various professional groups and holds Skudlik is essential.

Prevention: prevention starts now in Kindergarten. 2018 cooperated 200 nationwide skin doctors, day-care centres, this year the number is expected to rise to more than 300. “Children’s is the most skin sensitive, no matter whether the child has light or dark hair,” says Ralph von Kiedrowski, a member of the Board of Directors of the professional Association of dermatologists. About the children the skin doctors hope to also reach the parents.

Early detection: early diagnosis the chances of recovery are good. By law, ill all have two years to claim on a skin cancer Screening insured 35 years and over. So far, only 40 percent, however, have taken up the offer. Even fewer every two years and regularly come to Check.

In the case of a self-control is the ABCDE rule helps to distinguish liver spots of skin cancer.

New therapies: The black skin cancer (malignant melanoma) is the most aggressive Form of the disease. It spreads via the lymphatic system or the bloodstream quickly in the body and may end within a few months, fatally. Approximately 3000 deaths per year in Germany.

More than 70 percent of all cases are detected, according to the professional Association of dermatologists, but at an early stage. The prospects of a cure are between 86 and 100 percent. In the meantime, there are more than ten new drugs that blocked a proliferation of skin cancer cells or the immune system is activated, says physician a pity the village.

The white skin cancer metastasized, however, only very rarely. He could almost always be removed surgically, writes of the cancer information service. In the technical language of the white skin is referred to cancer as basal cell carcinoma or squamous cell carcinoma.