Stomach reduction promotes muscle strength

After a stomach reduction is reduced in persons with morbid Obesity the body weight dramatically. This is often associated with a loss of muscle mass. Researchers at the University of California in San Francisco showed, however, that the performance of the Affected and their relative muscle strength – based on the body weight – significantly improved.

After a gastric bypass surgery, the relative muscle strength, walking speed and other functions of the body in obese patients significantly improved. The scientists from the University of California in San Francisco in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology &amp reports; Metabolism of the Endocrine Society.

"Our research has shown that the Operation, while the maximum muscle force is reduced when the patients to lose weight. In relation to your body fullness however notice an increase in their relative Kraft", the author of the Study Diana Alba says. For the study, the researchers compared six and twelve months after the gastric bypass SURGERY, the body composition, grip strength, physical activity, and the efficiency of 47 obese adults with the values before the procedure.

A gastric bypass SURGERY helps people with Obesity to reduce body weight and improve your health. A gastric bypass size of the stomach is reduced, which leads to hormonal changes and the absorption of nutrients is reduced. By the SURGERY of the digestive tract is rerouted, so that the largest part of the stomach and part of the small intestine are bypassed. ZOU