Spahn wants to do liposuction to the checkout performance

The statutory health insurance funds are to pay according to the will of the Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) in the future, the Extraction of body fat. “Up to three million women with abnormal fat distribution disorders do not suffer on a daily basis including the health insurance pay for your therapy after a court ruling,” said Spahn, the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”. “We want to help quickly and unbureaucratically.”

The funds refuse to pay this “liposuction in the treatment of Lipödems”, because “the Benefit is not yet sufficiently substantiated”. With an amendment to the currently in the Bundestag-advised appointment service and supply act (TVSG) Spahn authorize his Ministry, in principle, to decide alone and without the consent of the Federal Council about what methods of examination and treatment, the funds must pay. So far, the self-government of Physicians, hospitals, and funds to decide on it.

The Minister Of Health, Jens Spahn

In the “FAZ” to this request, it means that the Ministry of health could take methods in the supply, for the self-administration had not taken control, or for which they “rejected the recognition of a diagnostic or therapeutic benefit to date”. Even if there is new methods are hardly scientific evidence, a refund be considered if there is no reasonable alternative treatment.

Go-Getting Minister Of Health

The new push by Jens Spahn fits into the picture: For the past nine months, he as a Minister in the office – and in this time he managed a health issues so much is spoken for a number of years. Spahn has:

  • the care for the great theme made
  • he wants to drive the digitization in the healthcare sector forward
  • he has initiated a new debate on the ethical foundations of organ donation
  • he is planning a reorganisation of the training for psychotherapists

However, the reality test of many projects. The next year is likely to be for Spahn difficult. Thus, experts doubt that it will actually succeed, 2019 for the 13,000 additional aged care places to find a sufficient number of candidates. The hospitals point out that the Spahn planned staff mean lower limits in case of doubt, that clinics patients need to reject or entire departments close. And the sluggish cooperation of funds, Doctors and overtaxed industry company has ruined every attempt to bring health care to be faster in the digital future.