So treat inflamed sinuses correctly

The pressing pain in the forehead and cheeks of anyone who ever had a cold knows, probably. Cause: a sinus infection. Most of the complaints through the use of simple measures to relieve.

A sinus infection no one should underestimate. Who is not cured completely, the risk of a chronic inflammation.

Among the paranasal sinuses called frontal, maxillary, Ethmoid and sphenoid sinuses. The mucous membranes become inflamed by a viral infection, there they swell, and to narrow or close the Openings between the nose and sinuses.

Due to the inflammation increasingly produced mucus is not flowing properly. “In the further course, there may also be a bacterial colonization of the affected Region.” First of all, headaches in front forehead and in the maxillary sinus region, the increase in Bending expressed in the rule.

Best Helper

There are different measures which reduces swelling and loosen the mucus. Especially the often devilish nasal spray is a helpful tool. Users should note, however, to take it for longer than a week. Children’s nasal spray with half the active ingredient dosage is not sufficient in the case of strong swelling often, salt spray merely acts moisturizing.

As a proven home remedy is in addition to the Inhalation of salt water or essential Oils such as chamomile or Myrtol.

Also, nose showers to rinse free the respiratory tract. Irradiation with red light perception of many of those Affected as comfortable, but this should be done only after application of the Spray and Inhalation, as the mucous membranes can otherwise swell even more than before.

In addition, drugs with combined herbal relieve often active ingredients the discomfort from the inside out. And as with all colds, there is plenty of drink!

On to the doctor

The disease does not improve after a week, we recommend a visit to the doctor.

Also, if purulent, yellow-green Secretions – an indication of bacterial colonization, or even bloody admixtures show, belongs to the treatment of a physician.

Non-conventional measures to ease the discomfort, so-called high deposits. This is with decongestants-soaked cotton wool, which we introduce for about ten minutes in the middle nasal passage.

Against bacterial infections patients also receive antibiotics. In the worst case, a chronic disease develops from an untreated sinus infection. In these cases, a physician release if necessary, the airway using a surgical procedure.

Andrea-Mareen Behr is a specialist for ear, nose and throat medicine in the star clinic in Bremen. To include focus topics such as the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic infections, allergies, all kinds of hearing loss, dizziness and Tinnitus, smell and taste disorders, and tumors of the head and neck area. In her practice, Behr uses for diagnostic ultrasound, endoscopy, Hörprüfungen, video-based balance examination and Allergy tests.

On treatment, the usual conventional medical treatments as well as herbal medicine and acupuncture. Through their training in psychosomatic basic care is Behr qualified to look after the mental causes for physical discomfort. A further focus is the treatment of Tinnitus, for which Behr a advanced training in Tinnitus Retraining therapy has completed.