Painkillers instead of antibiotics

It burns, it hurts – everyone going to the toilet at a cystitis, a pain. Prescribes the doctor an antibiotic, from the sound of the complaints, as a rule, after a few days. However, many women it hits many times in one year. Whether you require antibiotics, must be weighed. Because uncomplicated cystitis is another way to treat.

For a long time, antibiotics were the drug of choice to get a urinary tract infection in the handle. This has changed in the meantime. “Antibiotics should in the case of recurrent cystitis can be prescribed by no means uncritically,” says Kathi Schreiber, head of the urogynaecological specialist clinic at the Helios Klinikum Berlin-Buch. So it is also in the 2017 updated guideline, to the Doctors be guided in the treatment of urinary tract infections.

What you must note in the case of painkillers

Antibiotics can destroy many of the bacteria in the urine effectively. But there are more and more strains of bacteria that are resistant to the drug resistant. And the more antibiotics are administered, the better it can adapt the pathogens to the medicines. Therefore, it may also be useful for a bladder infection with the active ingredient Ibuprofen to treat – at least, if the infection on the bladder is limited. This recommendation goes back a study from the year 2015. Thus, 70 percent of women who took Ibuprofen revenues were, after a week complaint-free. In the case of antibiotics-ingestion of 80 percent.

Ibuprofen belongs to the group of so-called non-steroidal anti-inflammatory Drugs. This pain inflammation inhibit means, but not such as cortisone to steroids. A bladder infection is treated with certain doses of prescription tablets, it is important to note some of in addition, says Schreiber: people need to keep warm, three litres a day of drinking and emptying the bladder when the pressure.

No antibiotics the first time, it may happen, moreover, that the bacteria migrate via the ureter into the kidney and a kidney inflammation cause. Of the person concerned, for example, pain in the flank. In such cases, there is no alternative to antibiotic therapy.

Why women get sick more often

Although in the context of bladder inflammation usually from men, disease men. This is rarely the case, says Christian Wülfing, press spokesman of the German society for urology (DGU). But: In men, a urinary tract infection is often associated with inflammation of the prostate. The physician must examine the patient, therefore, also to the effect.

That women are affected much more frequently, is partly due to the fact that the urethra opening and Anus are close to each other. Intestinal bacteria may therefore be reached more easily into the urethra and an infection cause. Also in the Sex, pathogens can get in the proximity of the urethra. Doctors speak of a “Honeymoon cystitis” – which means as much as “honeymoon cystitis”, which occurs after the Sex. Affected can also be women, the frequently changing sex partners. Who knows anyway, that he is prone to infections, you should go to the sexual intercourse on the toilet and emptying the bladder, advises writer.

In the case of recurring complaints, including herbal supplements, to help sometimes Ursula seller mountain of the Federal chamber of pharmacists says. It recommends about the intake of two grams of Mannose in a glass of water. Mannose is a sugar that is excreted in the urine and the bacteria to bind, causing a bladder infection. In the guideline Mannose is specified only with a grade of Recommendation C, a so-called “Can”recommendation. Against bacterial infections, capsules with nasturtium herb and horseradish root, or a bear, you can grape leaves to use, so universal mount, this will be assessed in the guideline with recommendation grade C.

Often also Cranberry products are touted as a means to prevent a Bladder infection. “Here the opinions diverge, however, on a scientific level,” says seller mountain.

Also without drugs you can protect yourself but to a certain extent against infection. For example, keeping warm. In the summer it is especially true in susceptible persons, after the Swim, the wet bathing suit just to pull off. Then the body cools down is not so strong. Intimate hygiene care products, however, is unnecessary – it is enough clear water.