Often Ask for more: that’s Why the Sex in old age is getting better and better

Even today, sexuality is still a taboo subject. Completely wrong, because of the desire for sexuality in this life unbroken. In many cases this is blocked, however, by changed external circumstances. You can change this.

  • About pensioners ‘ Sex, many do not dare to speak.
  • The love game is often even better.

Changes to the body such as wrinkles, aches and pains, or prostheses, many of them feel with age unattractive and withdraw.

Over the decades, it was assumed that there are in the age of no sexuality. Just the idea that two partners have in the retirement age, intercourse was impossible. In the house of some of the pensioner’s homes regulations was a mutual prohibition of physical proximity.

This is changing slowly, but in the right direction.

Sexuality in old age is not only normal, it was even better than in younger years – just different.

The diversity is due in part to physical shortcomings, partly through the other focus.

Latest studies prove it!

In recent studies, it has been found that the Desire is to live according to sexuality and satisfaction of sexual desires to a great age. In the age group of 51 – to 60-Year-old of the group of partnered men, 89 percent were still sexually active, in partnerships, women living to 85.6 percent.

Sexual activity decreases in the course of the years, in the group of over-80-Year-old practice of 30.8 percent in a relationship, living men, their sexuality, while 25 percent of women are in a relationship, are sexually active.

Tenderness, loyalty, and close to be for many older people is more important than the mere sexual act. Some of the preferred practices and positions change. This happens, among other things, as a result of an adaptation to a changed physical condition, or because the sensation changed.

Physical changes in men

In General, the time to Gain a full erection will be extended, at the man. Also, the Pause is after the ejaculation longer, until it comes back to an erection. Ejaculation and orgasm are less intense.

The time will be extended, but until it comes to an ejaculation, which in turn extends the sexual intercourse. The man may be better able to respond to the partner and the sexual act can be satisfied.

Potency disorders occur more frequently. These can be disorders side effects of medications and diseases such as Diabetes or vascular.

Physical changes in the woman

The menopause and particularly the last menstrual period means for a woman, first of all, a break-in. According to recent studies, women have, if you have recovered from this incision, the greater Desire for sex than people of the same age.

Possibly this is due to the elimination of the fear of a pregnancy. By the fall of estrogen levels during menopause the walls of the vagina in many women to be much drier. This leads to an unpleasant feeling during sexual intercourse to pain.

Here, slide cream, and gel can help. The female sexual experience ability otherwise remains until old age, if they are not impaired by illness or medication side effects.


  • For the majority of the prerequisites for a fulfilling sex life up to old age are given – it depends on holding a lot on the setting.
  • If you have no physical disabilities or side effects of essential medicines to prevent this, we can have Sex into old age and him enjoy.
  • Consult a doctor if you are suffering from decreasing sexual interest or interferes with a dysfunction in the genital area. He can surely help you with medication or hormones when they are needed.
  • You accept that your body is changing. Your Partner is going through the Same thing. You talk calmly about it.
  • You don’t have the courage, if you live in a partnership, to establish to reach out to others and contacts.
  • Not least, it should be mentioned that also in the sexuality of the physical functions is trained, so that this is maintained.