Number of skin cancer cases is rising rapidly – health insurance is climate change to blame

Figures of the Commercial health insurance to show how much of the skin cancer cases in the past few years have increased. Researchers make climate change responsible for this.

According to a survey of the KKH Kaufmännische Krankenkasse, the number of cases of skin cancer has increased within the last ten years rapidly. By 2017, 87 percent more men and women were given according to data of the KKH, the diagnosis of black skin cancer than in 2007.

At white the skin cancer, there was a KKH-communication of Thursday, an increase of 145 percent. The Fund with 1.7 million policyholders, announced in the climate change as a possible reason for the Trend: more and More warm Sunny days meant more warm days with high UV radiation.

The German cancer research center (DKFZ) sees a rise in skin cancer diagnoses, but not necessarily a direct connection between rise in temperature and incidence of Cancer.

"The intensity of the UV light is not dependent on the temperature, but, for example, by the height of him is exposed, and of the Wolkenbildung", Jochen, Sven Utikal, head of the skin cancer unit at the DKFZ and at the University of Mannheim says.

High risk for hikers and skiers

Hikers and skiers would, therefore, have a particularly high risk of a sunburn, and in the course of life, skin cancer . Another factor of the home. So the risk in new Zealand or Australia, where the UV-protective ozone layer is damaged is particularly high.

Also, with age, the frequency of skin increases in diagnoses of cancer. Cancer-promoting behaviour to run only in 30, 40 years to the disease. "When people in Childhood, many sun have suffered from fires, is the fear that you fall ill as an adult more likely to have skin cancer." Whether or not you get skin cancer, depends on many factors, summed up the dermatologist.

According to the Robert Koch Institute in Germany in 2014, almost 11 000 men and 10 to 300 women are diagnosed with skin cancer. 1800 men, and nearly 1,300 women died from it.

Also in the shadow of a dangerous

Black skin cancer is a possible diagnosis, if birthmarks explained asymmetric, blurred, multi-colored, or raised in a diameter of about five millimeters were grown, Utikal. The white skin cancer is to recognize the scales, redness, and node formation.

RKI connects the rise in Numbers with a change in leisure behavior, such as more Outdoor activities and sun bathing. According to his data, there were, since 1999, a sharp increase in the Numbers of black skin cancer, which, however, decreased approximately to 2011 flattened out and to 2014 easily.

Utikals recipe against skin cancer: avoid midday sun, the body cover, hat, glasses and sun cream use. The Professor warns: Even in the shade you should be careful where you sit, because, for example, water, UV rays reflect.

According to KKH, the increase in the cases of white skin cancer in the East German länder from 2007 to 2017, is particularly high. This could be to changes in the leisure of the East German behaviour after the turn with more travel, or tanning visit, said Utikal.

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