Measles infections in U.S. reach highest level since 1992

In just the first five months of this year, 971 people have been infected in the United States, proven with measles. Thus, the number is now so high since 1992, according to the CDC. At the time, had been documented throughout the year 963 cases.

The measles in the USA is actually thought to have been eradicated. Due to the current, larger outbreaks in the country at the risk of losing this Status, warns the CDC. The United States declared in 2000 as a measles-free after only a few cases of disease had occurred. Nevertheless, there was still to small outbreaks, if travelers have imported the Virus from other countries.

Currently, however, authorities have been trying for almost eight months to get breakouts in areas of New York City and the adjacent state of New York under control. In April, the mayor of New York had declared a state of emergency for parts of the city of Brooklyn out.

The majority of those Infected are school children

Most of the Infected are school-age children whose parents refuse vaccinations. Representatives of the authorities make re-emergence of the misinformation is responsible for the development. A small, but vocal group criticized vaccination, because it assumes, contrary to all scientific studies, that ingredients can cause autism.

This goes back to a publication from the year 1998, in the vaccinations with autism disorders have been associated. After an independent review, the study had to be withdrawn, the auditors found ethical misconduct of the authors. Also elements of the publication were “inaccurate” and “irresponsible”.

In the meantime, many scientific studies with hundreds of thousands of participants have to submit the Thesis on the connection between vaccinations and autism, is reflected, most recently, a study with the data of 650,000 children. The US-health authorities encourage parents who have questions for the vaccination to your child’s doctor.

Measles-complications: inflammation of the Brain even years later

“Measles is preventable,” said CDC Director, Robert Redfield, in a Statement. There is only one way to prevent breakouts: all children and adults are vaccinated, where this is possible. “I would like to once again assure all parents that vaccinations are safe and do not cause autism.” The greater danger of the disease before the vaccination shot.

Although a majority of people survive measles infection well. Some of the disease leads to life-threatening complications. Also years can occur later, a measles-related brain inflammation, which ends with the death. Especially for complications infants and children are at risk in the first year of life, as well as adults from the age of 20 years.

In Germany, 391 measles have been documented this year so far, cases. For special attention, an outbreak had taken care of at a school in Hildesheim in lower Saxony, due to the unvaccinated children had to be excluded from the classroom, part of their written Abitur exams. Also in April, an adult was died in the district of Hildesheim in age from 30 to 40 years of age, was infected, according to the autopsy with the measles.