Man suffers stroke, because he makes his neck to crack

In the case of tension, a lot of people, stretch your neck to the left and the right, in a circle, often until it cracks. This may feel for a Moment a relief, for some it is also a habit, about which one does not think much. The neck can crack quite dangerous.

In the case of Josh Hader, it even led to a severe stroke. The 28-year-old American from the city of Guthrie in the U.S. state of Oklahoma hovered at times in danger of their lives, reports the American media, including CNN. His whole left half of the body was numb, told strife the transmitter.

Stroke by Cracking the neck: “He could be dead.”

“I wanted to go to the fridge and couldn’t walk straight,” he says. His father-in-law brought him to the hospital, where it turned out that strife when you Crack the neck vertebrae, some of the arteries had been torn. For four days he had to be treated in intensive care units.

This strife has had even more luck. “He could be dead,” says the radiologist Vance McCollom, of the competent physician. Even if this type of stroke is not over, fatal, end of you often with the so-called Locked-In syndrome: The patients are in consciousness, are physically paralyzed but almost entirely and can’t speak.

Doctors warn against false movements

Of Josh remained Hader spared. Him severe hiccups that plagued curiously, he told CNN: “I had two weeks of persistent hiccups. In between, I was able to breathe for a few seconds, that was scary.” In addition, the father of two was able to move over a longer period of time only with the help of a Walker to continue and had to wear a few weeks a eye patch, because he saw double. Now, about six weeks after the incident, strife, thanks in part to a strenuous rehab better. The Doctors predict that he will have to suffer life-long consequences.

All other warn you not to make the same mistake. Between cases, as in strife before, apparently, come again and again. Already a few weeks ago the case of a 23-year-old Englishwoman by the media, who had suffered a stroke, went. “If you want to let his neck crack, then you should do it only from one side to the other,” advises physician McCollom. Twisted movements could be dangerous.

Sources: CNN / CTV News