Less early in the Covid-19-pandemic

During the lock downs due to the Coronavirus pandemic-born were significantly less early than usual. It was the fact that the expectant mothers had less Stress? Researchers speculate about the reasons.

The "New York Times" reported a pleasing side-effect of the Corona-related lock downs: In several countries, Doctors have noted with surprise that dramatically fewer premature babies have been born otherwise.

So it had come, according to a publication of the University Maternity Hospital Limerick in Ireland in the time of strict contact restrictions to a decline in the preterm infants with very low birth weight by 73 percent. The hospital provides antenatal clinic of 473,000 people, and recorded in the years 2001 to 2019 in the months of January to April, an average of 8.18 births such premature babies per 1,000 live. In the same period of the year 2020, it was only 2,17.

Similar researchers from the Statens Serum Institute in Copenhagen reports. According to the national birth register downs in Denmark are births during the Lock 90 percent fewer babies than extreme early, that is before pregnancy week 28, the world to come than in the previous five years.

Less Stress and pathogens

The reasons for the phenomenon, the researchers can make no clear statement. A possible explanation could be that pregnant women experienced during the lock downs, less Stress and more sleep, and support from their families. Also infections with other pathogens as the Coronavirus have been avoided by the contact constraints. A decrease in air pollutants due to the restrictions of road transport, possibly also as a statement of the question. Further research in this area is according to the researchers, promising, and could point the way, such as early births in the future, better prevent.



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