Kissing, cold and garlic: myths about the common cold in fact check

Are hot have a cold shower time more often and protect the garlic and the Grog really infections? Just on the subject of cold a lot of circulating wisdom of stubborn and a Half. What you should take seriously and which unsettle unnecessarily.

When around colleagues, but also home, beat the family, already coughing and sneezing, rely a lot on good advice to avoid Contracting the disease. Although the tips are mostly all better than the measures, previously regarded as safe to the body’s defense against infections – such as snuff use, and a powder made from crushed whale take teeth. This was not the case two generations before us as a tried and tested means, but it has more than Placebo effect. However, in today’s common tips to prevent the common cold, some are just a myth, others a fact. What is really true?

Myth 1: the highest contagion is danger in Kissing and Sex

Is only partially true. Although it is in the case of colds by a droplet infection, caused by common cold viruses. When you Kiss be replaced in the saliva of viruses. However, the majority of passes you make with the saliva into the stomach and decomposed by gastric acid. The immune system is well prepared, it will with the rest of the virus on the lips and in the mouth is easily done. Who would like to be sure, it should, however, cuddle up with a common cold rather than kissing.

Also Sex plays for the infection with colds, a much smaller role than I thought. On the contrary, Cuddling and orgasm the immune system have a positive influence. Many studies show that the immune cells in the blood increase significantly. Sex can be a particularly pleasant method to strengthen the immune system.

Myth 2: cold comes from too much cold

Not true. Cold, alone, is not sick, if you are dressed accordingly and not have to freeze. Only when cold and thin clothes as well as shoes, feet, hands and nose to cool down, it can mean a lack of blood flow to the mucous membranes. Then cold viruses that have been inhaled from the air have a great Chance. You have to overcome the barrier of the local immune system and a runny nose, sore throat, cough, and sometimes inflammation of the bladder.

Why colds occur mainly in autumn and Winter, so it has only indirectly something to do with the cold. Other factors for the seasonal increase in cold weather which weaken the immune system, in addition: stay in poorly ventilated areas with stale air and Vitamin D deficiency through lack of sunlight.

Myth 3: a Lot of Sleep protects against the common cold

True. Especially people who regularly sleep less than six hours, have a four times higher risk of a cold to catch, as studies prove. Lack of sleep puts the body under Stress, the recovery period for the body and the Psyche lack, diseases have an overall easy game.

As you know, the right amount of Sleep is in every person something different. You can identify the correct dimension is quite simply to take a holiday, if you don’t have to get up at a certain time: after a few days of recreation, how much you sleep. If you are regularly in about eight and a half or seven hours of cheerful and well-rested, is the need for your personal Sleep. The apply to you in the rest of the year. And especially during the Cold season, you should make sure to get this sleep.

Myth 4: people Who eat daily garlic, get no infections

True in part. Garlic should almost strengths in each Form of the immune system, and some even swear it, in the case of a wind cold to put a peeled clove of garlic into the ear. However, this is Humbug. Demonstrable effect of garlic on the body’s defense against infections, however, if a day, two garlic cloves are consumed, the analysis of several studies shows to this topic.

The action unfolds primarily through raw, crushed or chopped garlic. Only crushing releases the enzyme Alliinase free of the triggers, in turn, the formation of Allicin, the substance that puts the immune system on its toes. Tip: if raw garlic is too sharp, can take, for example, with honey.

Myth 5: colds can be jokes in the Sauna-exclusive

True in part. The fact is that one should not go with the first signs of a cold in the Sauna. Excessive sweating – up to a Liter of sweat per sauna session – burdened by the infection of the already stressed body. Better: Regularly go to the Sauna and thus not even sick. Who people stay in the sauna, for example, twice a week, reduces the common cold risk by a third, as different Tests.

The health effects of the Sauna, by the way, also in terms of cardiovascular disease, is increasing, the more often in the Sauna is gone, according to the Finnish model at least every second day.

Myth 6: Cold showers toughen you up and makes you immune to colds

Not true. Wimps are just as much or little of a cold, such as cold wimp – even if the latter fitter feel, as a study by the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam. Who doesn’t take showers like a cold, has to suffer not for the sake of health.

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Myth 7: Stress increases the risk for colds

Is true only in a certain Stress. Prolonged, chronic Stress floods the body with stress hormones. Then they paralyze the immune system and make it susceptible to infections, as several studies were able to demonstrate.

Accordingly, under this Form of Stress suppresses the immune response of the immune cells, the body can not protect against the common cold viruses. Short-term Stress that lasts only minutes to hours, has, on the contrary, he activates the immune system.

Myth 8: alcohol-disinfected – a strong SIP of a cold virus distributes

Not true. Hot toddy is considered as a proven home remedy because of its high alcohol content kill bacteria and viruses. However, the opposite is fact: alcohol causes the immune cells to pathogens can no longer identify so clearly. In addition, the immune system produces special messengers to activate other immune cells, only greatly reduced, as studies show. Alcohol slows down the immune system.

Conclusion: a Lot of sleeping, a day to eat garlic, Alcohol, and chronic Stress, can help to survive the Cold season without infection. Also make sure to eat fresh fruit and vegetables and to soak up some fresh air.