Justice determined in accordance with the event of death in connection with Iberogast

According to the “Handelsblatt” is to be determined by the office of the public Prosecutor in Cologne is currently in the environment of the Bayer group. In other words, a death that may have been avoided if the company had previously warned of the side effects of the Drug Iberogast.

“With the power of nature against stomach and intestinal discomfort”: for example, Bayer Iberogast promotes. The medium contains components from nine plants. Many people assume that herbal medicines are generally well tolerated and few side-effects. But one of the plants in Iberogast, the celandine, it can cause rare cases of liver damage – this is already known for a long time.

Already in the year 2008, the competent Federal Institute for drugs and medical devices (Bfarm) requested that the former manufacturer of the Steigerwald to the package insert with warnings. Steigerwald refused. On this line, Bayer remained, as the group took over the Mediterranean.

Leaflet until 2018 adds

Until 2018 the package insert was added to the warnings. Background new reports of liver damage in connection with the application of the Drug, whether it was the name of the authority. Including one in July of 2018 has become aware of a second case of liver is in liver failure-transplant, ended, ultimately, fatal.

As the “Handelsblatt” reported, now, has given the public Prosecutor a report in order to clarify whether the taking Iberogast is related to the death together. The newspaper writes, the process directed against an unknown and a spokesman for the Prosecutor’s office have declined to comment. In the case of Bayer, it is hot, they do not know the procedures of an investigation.

Iberogast is one for Bayer the largest over-the-counter medicines.

After the Change is now in the package insert: “In the application of celandine-containing medicinal products cases of liver damage (increase of liver enzyme values, Bilirubin up to drug-induced jaundice (medicinal-toxic Hepatitis) as well as cases of liver failure) occurred.”

People with liver disease should not take it. This also applies to Pregnant and Breastfeeding women and for children under three years of age.