Journey through Hamburg: The neighborhood empties out, but some of the unteachable men, there are

Against 18.30 o’clock on Monday evening, the H&M-seller in the Hamburg Europa Passage on the celebration evening. A celebration evening, and nobody knows how long he will last. Just the message that in Germany the next day, only the main shops are allowed to open came. Of your company, you have yet to receive any official information that says a saleswoman: “We see all the time on the phone.”

Everyday protocols

Students, politicians, Doctors, teachers, and co. report: we are experiencing the Corona-at a standstill

There isn’t much more to do, it’s customers come in the store. While other work from home, must appear by the sellers of the clothing chain to work. Direct customer contact is not avoided. “We try to keep a distance,” says an employee. She wears plastic gloves.

Not only for the employees in the retail trade of the Coronavirus pandemic since the outbreak, nothing more, as it was. Also in Germany, the number of Infected each day by leaps and bounds is increasing. To contain the Virus to some extent, rates of health experts strongly that social contacts radically reduce and to avoid crowds. The Federal government, States and cities have taken measures to achieve this: you prohibit events include Bars, Clubs, pubs, and shops, Restaurants are only allowed to have open until 18 PM.

Hamburg: So empty like in world Cup Play

The effects of these arrangements are in the city is obvious. In the Europa-Passage, a shopping Mall in the Hamburg city centre, the insistence of the people. During the day the tourists come, evening, once again, a whole batch of people from the surrounding offices. In times of Coronavirus, the floors swept empty are strolling, only a few customers through the shops, where the salespeople get bored as much as possible. So Hamburg looks up, when the German soccer Team has an important game at the world Cup.

In the evening, the people are crowding usually in the Europa-Passage. Now, customers come into the shopping center.

This is now up to the measures taken by the government or the individual responsibility of the people who are sensible and stay at home? Who speaks with whom, despite all the Appeals are still on-the-go, comes to the conclusion that rather the former is the case. In front of the picturesque scenery on the Jungfernstieg, three young men use the rest to drink with views of the Alster lake, a Cup of coffee. In addition to bags from the nearby shopping street. Concerned about the Coronavirus, they do not. “I’m not afraid,” says one of them: “we are not concerned Yes, I am in the risk group.” At home, he forbade “quasi-house”, because his mother was in jeopardy because of a pre-existing condition.

Antonia and Sophie, both 17, would have to actually have a good mood: your holidays were due to the school closures, extended short-hand. Nevertheless, both look a bit grumpy, grim, as you are Restaurant food in a Fast Food-a Burger. Her last year before high school, she wanted to enjoy again, but what are you supposed to do if everything is tight? “For us, the shit,” explains Sophie. “We are taking a lot of chances.” The trip of your friend to Israel was deleted, other students should, at an early stage come from abroad year.

So really you can’t believe what is going on around you – but who can the in Germany in these days. “It’s like a dream,” says Sophie. “It will take until it’s all in the head.” Nevertheless, both know how important it is to avoid this situation on her own pleasure. “It’s a question that not even more people to infect,” says Antonia. “We need to make it better than Italy.”

As little contacts as possible, not all have understood it

That does not seem to be far from clear to all. Obviously, there are still many people who don’t take the warnings of the doctors seriously or rely on the fact that the other will implement this already. As at the weekend, the sun – admittedly, lately not often a welcome guest in Hamburg – were miles to the shopping in the city center and the walking trails on the Alster and Elbe rivers are well filled. On a Playground in St. Pauli, the mothers sipping their Cappuccino, the box children, from crawling age up to the late elementary school romp on the devices or in the slightly damp sand. At the ice cream shop opposite a long queue is forming.

Walkers on the beach of the Elbe river in Hamburg

As long as the population does not follow the precautionary measures, the state is forced further and further through access. The past few days have shown how quickly this can happen. Especially for parents the current Situation is a challenge – your children are no longer engaged in school or daycare. Nothing against walks in the fresh air is from a medical point of view, to object to. It is important, however, is that you can get the others to close. At a two Meter distance recommend virologists.

The Restaurants, makes it particularly difficult to

Not two feet, but at least 1.5 meters wide, operators have pushed apart in the Restaurant “Lokmam” your tables. This is also a regulatory requirement. This evening, the Local is allowed to have opened, in the popular Schanzenviertel, still, in the future, Restaurants will have to close from 18 clock. Since you could close the Download, says Nicky Rexhaj, during the day, guests would come anyway. By the further distance between the tables has reduced the Space already, yet the Restaurant is almost empty of people, as well as all the others in the Hamburger Bar and pub district: Even in the most Local bid, it would be no Problem to get a table. If you wanted to.

Fear of Corona infection

The Virus is almost impossible to contain, experts say. How big the infection is a risk with us?

The number of the guests had declined by 80 percent, says Nicky Rexhaj from the “Lokmam”: “three, four days the people have fear.” And also he makes himself to his thoughts. In direct and constant contact with customers is an increased contagion risk. “If an infected guest is money, and I believe me in the face, it’s over,” he says. Seven to eight bottles of disinfectant, he and his colleagues per day, consume and hope it helps.

No more distractions: The Reeperbahn makes it largely sealing

It will be later, slowly the time in the Reeperbahn comes to life. “Life” is too much to say – the famous Hamburger Kiez acts as extinct. The pubs and Bars must not already open, the events are cancelled. On the Big freedom, where in the case of rock concerts the snake at the inlet attracts sometimes through the whole length of the road is literally not a soul. No doormen try to lure passers-by in windy places. Whom? And where?

The “Golden glove” in the neighborhood: Also for the famous pub, it’s not about more for the time being.

And so it is also true that the institutions in the neighborhood, the infamous pubs, the else from nothing as quickly down: for example, the “Golden glove” or the “elbschloss Keller”. The “elbschloss Keller” is actually opened round the clock – the host even had to buy a new lock, because he had previously used none.

Perhaps this aspect is the psychologically Hardest part of the whole crisis: The places where you can look for in the private or social distress otherwise distraction and consolation, fall away. For some, it is the pub, for some people, the Church, for others, the ice cream parlor. For how long? No one knows. Only so much: It has just begun.

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