It reminds me of the 11. September: New York is the center of the Corona-crisis in the USA

Rapidly increasing case numbers in New York make the extent of the Corona-crisis in the US metropolis significantly. Alone from Tuesday to Thursday, the number increased to proven infections by more than four-fold and stood at nearly 4,000.

This is mainly due to increased testing, the lack of goods in the United States for a long time, so that the number of unreported cases increased. The Governor of the state of New York, Andrew Cuomo, comes from tens of thousands of actual cases in the state.

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The “city that never sleeps” gets forced to take a break

Authorities had repeatedly warned that the capacities of the hospitals in New York were not prepared for the risk of contagion to broader layers of society. For the state, the government expects a demand of 30,000 ventilators. At the Moment there is only 5000 to 6000, said Cuomo. He had sent employees to China to buy new devices.

New York is officially almost nine million inhabitants, is the largest city in the United States of America and of the global economic and cultural centres. World-class museums such as the Museum of Modern Art, and dozens of Broadway Musicals, or landmarks such as the statue of liberty are partially closed for days – as well as the schools for more than a Million children. Now the city that never sleeps gets a forced break.

"We and Corona"

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Governor of New York: “it reminds Me of the 11. September”

In their preparation for the rapidly rising cases of sick addiction New York, now in urgent need of additional medical staff, and planning, of public facilities in Emergency hospitals to convert. Washington have said the shipment of a military hospital ship with about 1000 cabins for the support. Also logistic help to the army corps of engineers to come.

Cuomo pointed out in a press conference at the darkest hour of the big city. “It reminds me of the 11. In September,” he said. “This is a Moment that changes Your whole life.” New York was in the last few days, significantly emptier than usual. On Monday, the city had already announced the closure of, among other things, from Restaurants, Bars, cinemas and concert halls. Cafes and Restaurants may provide food.

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The measure was introduced after the New York at the weekend, went out in spite of official warnings, in droves, to dinner or the pubs visited. In the past few days, public life went down and then piece by piece. Many New Yorkers are already working from your home. Also on Times Square and in the subway a lot of space, the mood was unusually serious, but calm.

Further tightening of the measures is not excluded

Mayor Bill de Blasio touts nevertheless, for a further intensification and a curfew, as it exists in San Francisco on the West coast. This would have to be decided by the Federal government, Governor Cuomo has slowed in recent days and said that such a measure was not yet scheduled.

The authorities expect due to the stoppage in New York with a huge damage to the local economy and fear of rising Distress in the population. De Blasio had compared to the possible extent with the Great Depression of the late 20s.

The New York transit authority stated that they needed four billion dollars. The number of customers had declined by 90 percent in the regional trains and 60 percent in the U-Bahn.

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