Infection in the dog and cat: How do I deal with my pet?

You can see in the Video: infection in the dog and cat – as I do with my pet?

Cats can become infected with the Coronavirus, dogs but apparently. The findings of a study published on Wednesday, which was carried out in January and February in China. Therefore, it had infected cats with the Virus to find out whether one could test possible vaccines. The infected cats had shown symptoms in your mouth, in the nose and in the gut. The study has prompted the world health organization to investigate the Transmission of the Virus between people and their Pets in more detail. The WHO Virologist Maria Van Kerkhove said on Wednesday at a press conference, that you assume that cats can transfer the Virus, but of people to infect can be. Cats can become infected by respiratory droplets.

Dogs are according to the study, not susceptible, as are chickens, pigs and ducks. Last week, a Tiger had been tested in a New York Zoo positive. Prior to that, he had shown symptoms of dry cough and loss of appetite. The Zoo said that the Tiger will most likely recover. For the cat at home, health experts advise to have No contact with people, the COVID-19. In the best case, no contact with people outside the own household.