Infected day-care children, cancelled the award ceremony – the current Coronavirus situation in Germany

The Coronavirus is spreading in Germany, yet not the end of the infection wave is in sight. On Saturday it became known: In the most affected Federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia have infected four kindergarten children. You go in the day-care centre in the district of Heinsberg, in a Covid-19 sick wife works as a preschool teacher. The Kreis Heinsberg announced on Saturday after a meeting of the crisis unit.

The kindergarten children in the district of Heinsberg is well, said a spokeswoman for the circle. They showed “at most, slight cold symptoms”. In the case of four out of approximately 100 tested, boys and girls, the findings were positive. A further 14 children had appeared to the voluntary Test, according to previous findings. Overall, the number of persons in the district of Heinsberg, the causative agent of Sars-CoV-2 demonstrably infected had increased, so that by noon on Saturday, to 60.

The outbreak of the disease

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Award ceremony in Hamburg cancelled due to Coronavirus

For the whole of Germany, the Robert Koch Institute until Saturday, was one in the morning 66 proven infections, still mainly in North Rhine-Westphalia and Baden-Württemberg. Additional cases were reported in the course of the day. Also affected are the States of Bavaria, Rhineland-Palatinate, Hesse, and Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein.

Caution for Tuesday’s planned star ceremony of the restaurant guide Michelin Guide is. The award of the Restaurants success in a “digital press-communication”, such as Michelin spokesman Florian Flaig announced on Saturday. To have been in the Hamburg chamber of Commerce planned the event around 400 visitors from the top of gastronomy awaits.

A base in NRW, is a carnival celebration well

Hotspot of the infections, however, remains in North Rhine-Westphalia. Because of the infection of an employee of a day-care a Bonner elementary school, from Monday on and stays on for two weeks closed. The approximately 185 students would now be tested for the Virus, said the head of the Bonn public health Department, Ingrid Heyer, on Saturday. The 23-year-old OGS-employees according to the University mild symptoms and was tested positive for Sars-CoV-2. He had celebrated in the district of Heinsberg carnival. Almost all of the cases in NRW have a reference to the County in which the infected of the Federal state of carnival is celebrated.

Also, in the Sauerland region, a special school remains with 95 students and 20 teachers at least until the end of the coming week, closed after a teacher from Lüdenscheid, the Virus was detected. A spokesman for Liverpool said on Saturday on dpa request, it is a 36 contact persons – including four more teachers of the special school, had been sent into home quarantine. Also, the Covid-19 ill teacher have participated in the Kreis Heinsberg at a carnival session, which is valid for NRW as a starting point. In the circle, hundreds of people were placed under home quarantine. For many of the about 1000 people, you should come to an end on Saturday.

Coronavirus in NRW

Local visit in the district of Heinsberg: "Felt like half the village is here in Quarantäne"

Most of the Sars-CoV-2-Infected have only pain is a slight cold symptoms with Chills and throat or no symptoms. 15 out of 100 Infected patients is difficult, it was said by the RKI. You get breathing problems or a pneumonia. According to previous Figures of one to two percent of the Infected die, far more than the flu.

Abroad the case, are on the increase

In Baden-Württemberg, the interior has recommended to the Ministry in addition to children, students, teachers, and many officials now also police officers to remain, as a precaution, home – should you have been recently in a high-risk area for novel Coronavirus. The officials would be exempted from duty until their health status is clarified beyond doubt. Risk the Northern Italian province of Lodi in the Lombardy Region and the city of Vo in the Region of Veneto, and parts of China, Iran and South Korea are areas, according to the Ministry.

Also abroad, the number of Infected continues to rise. According to the RKI, the cases have increased to Saturday, worldwide to more than 85,000 Infected in nearly 60 countries. A part of the Affected is long since healed, or had no, or hardly any, symptoms. Also history of infections in the statistics, however, continue to be detected. In Europe, information about two dozen countries are affected, according to RKI.

Italy has around 900 Infected to Friday, the largest outbreak of Sars-CoV-2 in Europe. 21 people died of the disease Covid-19 in the country, especially many in the North. As mentioned last weekend, the Italian soccer League suspended a few games of Serie A including the top match between League leaders Juventus and the currently third-placed Inter Milan. Likewise, it has been cancelled in the North of Italy, the International journalism Festival in Perugia.

Last world’s numerous larger and smaller exhibitions and fairs had been cancelled – including the world’s largest travel fair, the ITB in Berlin, as well as the auto salon in Geneva, Switzerland.

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