If noodles make you sick

“Is gluten the food free?” Who asks the question in Restaurants, meanwhile, has a much better chance of a helpful answer than even a few years ago. And in the super markets the offer of the gluten-grown-free products.

The Trend focuses more on a long unknown illness: coeliac disease. Affected tolerate the protein is not Gluten, found in wheat, rye, barley, spelt and other grains. They consume gluten-containing foods, they often have Nausea, diarrhea, and bloating. But the disease can also be due to fatigue, depression, or sleep disturbances is noticeable. Because of celiac disease, the small intestine is permanently inflamed, nutrients are absorbed in the normal dimension from the body, it can come to deficiency symptoms.

The therapy is simple, but restrictive: avoid Gluten. Which means: no wheat bread, no rye bread, no pasta, made with durum wheat semolina, no breaded meats, no Pizza, no dumplings, no beer. “Oats, however, is in order,” says Andrew Coop of the University of Jena, has created the current guidelines for the diagnosis and therapy of celiac disease.

In Germany, approximately 3 out of 1000 people are currently living with the diagnosis – in comparison to other European countries, the number is remarkably small, where 9 out of 1000 are affected. Experts are therefore from a high dark number in Germany.

This is also a current study suggests. A Team led by Martin Laass of the TU Dresden reported in the “medical journal” that anti-body levels in the blood indicate that at 0.8 percent of 12,000 surveyed, children and young people on a celiac disease. Had received the diagnosis only 0.07 percent. “On nine children with known celiac disease, 97 newly identified children are the potential”, the researchers write. With the restriction that they had to rely solely on blood values. In practice, intestinal biopsies are actually necessary to the diagnosis. Therefore, it is assumed that the number of young patients with celiac disease was overestimated in the study of something. However, even considering this, the discrepancy between detected and undetected cases.

The number of diagnoses increases

Overall, the disease is diagnosed today more frequently than a few years ago. “This is partly due to the fact that the disease has become well-known,” says the Stall door. Doctors tend to think that celiac disease could cause the discomfort. Or often of a tummy ache-Ridden questions to the physician after the appropriate Tests. Is more often sought after of a disease, it will discovered, more frequently – the dark figure drops.

According to the stall make changes in life style can play in the last decades, a role – including a rise in wheat consumption. This would mean that There are not only fewer undetected cases, but coeliac disease is actually more common.

The number of diagnoses increases, it is also confirmed in a small study of the private health insurance DKV, the MIRROR is available ONLINE. The insurance company has to determine how often patients in the years 2010 to 2014 recipes submitted, on which the diagnosis was noted. It was in 2010 1462 Insured, the number has increased continuously up to 2276 in the year 2014. The total number of Insured persons fell slightly during this period.

The insurance company sees the Trend as positive. “Previous studies have already shown that many people have a gluten intolerance and not to know,” says Wolfgang Reuter of the DKV. Increasing diagnosis numbers were: “More people can benefit from a gluten-free diet – people who had perhaps complaints and did not know why.”

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&11nbsp; Images diet tips: From Breakfast to a festive feast, How can it actually come to this, that the disease is undetected, if you with acute disorders – from diarrhea to Depression – associated? For one, it can take a long time, until a doctor provides the correct diagnosis. Affected need to provide with the indication that they have irritable bowel syndrome. On the other, all the celiac patients do not show symptoms-in some, the disease is almost inconspicuous.

Whether these people have a advantage of them to avoid Gluten, is not yet finally clarified. A disease-induced, long-standing nutrient deficiency but could accelerate, for example, the bone loss in old age, says the Barn door. Also Affected would develop a small increased risk of lymphoma (cancer) in the intestine.

What to do when it is suspected?

Celiac disease is not the only disease of cereals, especially wheat, can cause problems. To do this, the wheat Allergy that can, among other things, by rashes, itchy eyes, or swelling in the mouth is noticeable. And the very bulky named “Non-celiac disease-wheat Allergy wheat sensitivity”: an individual may have in connection with wheat consumption, similar symptoms as celiac patients. Blood work and biopsies show, however, that neither this disease nor a wheat Allergy. Yet there is no Test in which this Suffering can be clearly identified – may be different causes behind it.

Anyone who suspects that he suffers from celiac disease, the stable’m strongly advises to speak with a physician and to have an anti-body Test to perform, to do without, rather than immediately permanently on a gluten-containing food. Because the evidence of disease after prolonged Gluten withdrawal difficult.

And: Who is feeling an abrupt change of Diet suddenly better, proves that’s not necessarily that Gluten harm is done. A more conscious approach to eating, a change in the choice of food and the feeling to do something Good for yourself, can also plug in behind the sense of well-being. To put it differently: Such diets have a Placebo effect.

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