Hope for Covid-19 patients by immune plasma therapy

The University hospital of Erlangen, may now begin with the production of immune plasma for Corona-patients. The Department for transfusion medicine. The immune plasma therapy methods have proven to be already for a long time, – says the head of the Department Professor Holger Hackstein. It has been used, for example, in the case of the SARS-1 and MERS-infections or in the context of the Ebola epidemic successfully. “This immune plasma can help the patient, as it contains virus-specific antibodies, and which bind directly to the Virus. The are disease specific for this virus and is thus at the Moment the only specific treatment for this viral disease, which is available at the Moment. And due to this specificity, they are able to influence this viral disease in the patients is favorable. We can see, there are the first scientific reports that show that the course of the disease can be shortened by this treatment and that the disease symptoms can be mitigated.”

The current therapy can only be started now, because first of all, very little immune plasma was not available. It was necessary that people survived for a Corona disease, in the blood, antibodies could be developed. Also, the President of the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin Lothar Wieler, keeps the immune plasma therapy is useful: “to be Quite honest, I think that is one of the most rewarding approaches. There are so many studies that convalescent Serum or Plasma can actually help. However, the must have, of course, is a high quality, can have certain side effects. But the approach itself, I think, is definitely promising.” In the past week hack stone, a former Corona had called patients to blood-plasma donation. Out of over 200 people, who were suffering from COVID-19 blood and plasma donations wanted to make themselves known within 24 hours. A lot more than hack stone and his Team had expected.