Heart attacks are becoming more common in young adults

Overall, less and less people will suffer a heart attack. The bad news, however, is that it hits, in the meantime, more often younger people under the age of 40. A risk factor for this could be drugs of abuse, as a new study shows.

In a US study 2.097 young Survivors of myocardial infarction up to 50 years were investigated in detail. About 20 percent of them are 40 years or younger. Their share had increased during the last ten years of steadily increasing annually by two percent. "Earlier, it was incredibly rare that someone under the age of 40 of a heart attack bekam", study leader Prof. Dr. Ron Blankstein said. Some patients were even younger and had an equally large risk for further cardiovascular events, such as someone who is older.

In search of the possible risk factors for the increase in the number of heart attacks at a young age, the scientists discovered the misuse in young patients, more often on drugs, such as marijuana and cocaine (17.9 per cent to 40 years, compared to 9.3 per cent in the 41-50-Year-olds). Alcohol had consumed the Younger, however, in lower quantities. More stone and his Team found Blank that one out of every five heart attack-suffered from a Patient is under 50, in addition to Diabetes. Diabetes is not only one of the strongest risk factors for a heart attack, but worsens the prognosis significantly. Blankenstein says: "Many people believe a heart attack in fate, but the vast majority could be prevented by a healthy lifestyle and the Management of other risk factors." His advice is: tobacco avoid, exercise regularly, eat a healthy diet if necessary, losing weight, blood pressure and cholesterol, control Diabetes and avoid from drugs.


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