Good Listening avoids falls

As well and hear what people – or not hear – can have a direct impact on your balance and risk for falls: to increase the background noise to facilitate, for example, the Stand on an uneven surface, such as a new study shows.

Study participants had greater difficulties to hold on to a wobbly or uneven surface Balance, if it was around you calm. Sounds from the environment improved the Balance significantly. Particularly the continuous background noise helped the participants to keep the balance. However, it is also possible to disturb the equilibrium by noise: some people with Beeps, and jumped over a pair of headphones between the left and right, back and forth, had more difficulty with the Balance.

It also showed that noise for the balance were more important, the more difficult the balance exercises and the stronger the sensory perception of the test persons was restricted, If the blind or hard of hearing people hear even noise, improved her balance significantly. The authors believe that the background noise as "auditory Anker" act and us unconsciously, an image of the surroundings provide.

In Stüshorten the Hörvermögene test

"In patients with hearing loss are at a higher risk for instability and falls is. Age-related hearing loss is widespread and affects up to two-thirds of the more than 70-Jährigen", Prof. Dr. Maura Cosetti said. When older people fall, focus Doctors usually vision problems, check to diseases of the bones and the feet on a nerve and ignoring problems with the Hear. "This analysis highlights the importance of listening for our sense of balance. And because hearing loss is treatable, the Review hearing is a critical first Schritt", says Cosetti