From the soup green to a Superstar: Why celery is nothing more than a fashion vegetables

Of course, everything is somehow a matter of taste. Especially when it comes to green stuff. Brussels sprouts? Not even say. Incredibly tasty, cheer the other. Spinach? – Mega-dope, and, above all, fully healthy, say drug the Fans of the Popeye. How can you eat that?, all that to keep from Boiling vegetables so nothing matters. On the big stage of the Generation of organic-Food it florets the small Cabbage and the unassuming leafy vegetables not managed so far. And the chances of the vegetable Superstar to ascend, are bad. Because a green Stem on is currently in great shape and the competition at the vegetable counter.

The root, which works wonders

Celery is flavorful and smell intense – but above all, the new Superstar of the vegetable sky. In the social networks and relevant forums, the cheers is about the root vegetable almost limitless. It is believed the exuberant essays, and eulogies, that have been circulating on the Internet, there is hardly a Suffering that does not cure the earlier than a boring soup, green verschrienen Stem, or at least can alleviate. Due to their high potassium content, they are diuretic, and thus useful for gout and rheumatic patients, the need to detoxify your body on a regular basis. Celery to lower blood pressure, the digestive system in regular patterns, to bring a dehydrated athlete back to full strength, lower cholesterol, reduce the body cool, prevent infections, and gastric mucosa maintain and: Exactly, and cancer prevention. Oh, and the potency to help the green all-purpose weapon on the jumps. Scientists around the world have decomposed already into their smallest components, you are crushed, pressed, and under the microscope eyed. Almost every week they present new super powers. Since it is hardly surprising that social networks are brimming over with enthusiasm and celery one of the duration, the burner is in the Food forums of the online world.

A glass of celery juice daily on an empty stomach

Almost two million Followers, a man named Anthony William in Instagram. On Facebook, there are even 3.3 million. William is in love. In Celery. Almost like Disciples of the User to follow the controversial author who claims to be able to with a mind to speak. The whispered the Hobby Esotheriker, apparently, that many of the fats and proteins are unhealthy, particularly in further processed products. Williams is the current insider tip, because it never comes: celery juice. Two bunch of celery juicing, and in the morning on an empty stomach to drink. Already works with the health. It’s So easy. He had launched a global celery movement, claimed William. Well. After all, User have posted under the Hashtag #celery juice already more than 100,000 pictures of and with the Star of vegetables. To do this, to bid to overcome in stories where diseases of the skin, lost pounds, and other wonders of things, the result of the popular winter vegetables.

95 percent water, much more

We consider it very soberly. Celery, whether tuber or rod, consisting Essentially of water and, more specifically, about 95 percent. 100 grams of the perennials vegetables bring it to a measly 15 calories. Vitamins in celery, however, abundant. He shines with minerals such as potassium, calcium, sodium, phosphorus, iron and Magnesium. A remarkable Cocktail that helps the so-called “Geilwurz” (Yes, that nickname there really is) not only in the case of vegetables groupies up-to-date world-wide fame. But to come back to again its in the Off the friends, Brussels sprouts, and spinach. Also are quite rich in vitamins and not have to hide in terms of calories. Why, you can align against the celery currently still nothing? Maybe because they have no Lobby. Because from the look of it, it is not safe. Or do you find that the poison green juice of celery appetite looks as crispy Brussels sprouts or a whipped Creamed?

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