From the cold – in the cycle of crisis: the brutal minus values make the health

Brutal sub-zero temperatures to keep the US firmly in its grip. Authorities fear for the Welfare of their citizens. The weather service warns frostbite on exposed skin within minutes. It is even recommended to avoid deep breaths. In short: The situation is serious.

But not for long. Until Sunday, temperatures are expected to climb in many places to more than 30 degrees centigrade upwards and almost 20 degrees Celsius plus. A good message, but it also has its problems: Many Americans will have to prove a strong cycle.

Strong weather fluctuations can stress the body

Such temperature-coaster rides many people not only beat on the mood, but also health impact. Because of the variations in temperature of the blood bags in the case of some temporary pressure. “The complaints arise because the blood supply to the brain drops temporarily,” explains cardiologist Professor Wolfgang von Scheidt, head of the I. Medical clinic, Klinikum Augsburg, in the “apotheken Umschau”. This is not a worrying and morbid process, but a pure adaptation response takes place automatically in our body. It is vital, but often with side effects associated with it.

For the body to extreme temperature variations are also extreme hard work. The body temperature is too low, the cold shivering for heat production. And we get cold feet and hands: the blood vessels constrict, blood flow is restricted in order to ensure the temperature of vital organs. When it’s hot, the blood made vessels far, we are sweating and the skin and mucous membranes the liquid to cool. In short: pure Stress for the body to adapt to it fast. “The more intense the change in the weather, the more serious the symptoms,” explains Ingo Froböse a Professor of prevention and Rehabilitation in Sport at the German sport University in Cologne, the “economic week”. “Some of the organism is then overwhelmed”. The result is that the circuit goes crazy and dizzy. The expert thinks, but How sensitive we react to the weather depends largely on health status and the adaptive capacity of the organism.
Sources: “Economy Week”, “Apotheken Umschau”

Extreme Weather

Brutal minus values in the United States: This phenomenon is the trigger for the "Arctic Kälte"

A record-breaking cold wave has large parts of the USA in the handle. Temperatures of nearly minus 40 degrees are measured by authorities, fear for the Welfare of their citizens. What’s behind the Extreme cold?