FDP-politicians-school-video of Rezo’s called a populist and irresponsible

A Video of the Youtubers Rezo a stir. The Social Media Star criticized for Sticking to the Abitur examinations and the re-opening of the schools in spite of the Coronavirus pandemic. “Politicians have to take a shit at the moment to students,” dubbed Germany’s most famous Youtuber his latest Video, in which he outlines in detail how, in his opinion, German education policy-makers endanger the physical and mental health of the students. At the end of the video Rezo displays the names of the Ministers of education of all länder and not encourages its viewers to choose their parties. (More to read here: “Youtuber Rezo attacked the policy of the Corona-crisis arm”)

The start of school in Germany

Schools to make again – so to succeed in the individual Federal States

Matti Karstedt, FDP-politician and Chairman of the young liberals in the state of Brandenburg, maintains this conclusion for “populist” and “irresponsible”. The young politician said in a Video he posted as a response to the Rezo-Clip is also on Youtube. “Sorry Rezo: You’re too easy”, is the title of the replica. “The only message that your Video expresses the end, is the finding that all the established parties are unelectable”, criticized the 23-year-old Liberal.


Rezo-Video: “the feed in populist rat catchers”

“This is the message that, in these times, in your reach – this is irresponsible”, is aimed Karstedt at Rezo. He will not speak it openly, but between the lines of the accusation resonates with the Youtuber would drive with his all-round impact of young voters in the direction of the AfD, which is not a party to any provincial government. “In this style, you can bring only one thing – namely, to properly feed in the case of populist rat catchers.”

In addition to this lump-sum disturbs Karstedt, that Rezo mentions in his Video all the Ministers of education and culture, but the Green leaves implicit in his criticism, since these currently have no Ministry of culture held. The party was involved, for example, through their health Ministers to the decisions, says Karstedt. Different opinions were part of the democracy, assumes Karstedt: “But you shortened this pluralism of Opinion: ‘The f*** you.'”

Quick response from the FDP

Prior to the European elections in 2019 Rezo with his Video “the destruction of The CDU,” in which he criticized especially the climate policy of the Union sniper had reached millions of people – especially young voters–. This is the Youtuber for the Grimme was nominated for the award and the Nannen price. Also, his latest Video has already been clicked more than 1.3 million Times. In it, he referred to the decision-makers in the country’s policy for the Opening of the schools, as “blatantly incompetent”.

After Rezos criticism of the CDU, the Union had teamed up with a answer hard to find a Video of the Bundestag Deputy Philipp Amthor was never released, finally, the party went in a elfseitigen a PDF document on the criticism. In the subsequent election, the Union suffered heavy losses. In the current case, the response of the FDP comes quickly, also the party Chairman Christian Lindner shared the Video on Twitter. The liberals are in North Rhine-Westphalia for the Department for Education is responsible Rezo had criticized the NRW education Minister Yvonne Gebauer in his Video specifically for your strategy in the Corona-crisis.

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