E-sports professionals are a challenge to sports medicine

More and more gamers and E-sports conquer the professional area. Although you seem to hardly move, it comes to you as the professionals of other sports injuries of certain parts of the body through Overuse. Scientists in the professional journal of the American Osteopathic Association to the fact that these players have special needs, the sports medicine must be received.

Three to ten hours of Training a day for a professional E-athlete are not uncommon. While average players will create approximately 50 movements per Minute, it is in the pros 500-600 per Minute or 10 per second. This has consequences: As 56 per cent of the athletes to eye fatigue, 42 percent suffered from, according to a survey of neck and back pain, 36 percent; pain of the wrist and 32 percent of pain in the Hand. Extended Internet play can also lead to depression and anxiety. But only 2 percent of those Affected sought a doctor.

Hallie onion, Director of sports medicine at the New York Institute of technology, said: "In view of the fact that E-Sport is played in a Sitting position, one would think, that it is virtually impossible to injure yourself. In reality, you suffer, but like any other athlete excessive use injuries and also have significant health disadvantages due to the Seats. We realize only now how physically and mentally exhausting Sport can be." Onion is of the opinion that E-need athletes like any other high school or top athletes, trainers, physiotherapists and Doctors, in order to optimize their performance and maintain their health in the long term.

It’s called the professional League of Legends player Hai Lam as a cautionary example: He had to go at the age of 26 due to chronic wrist pain in retirement. Onion is hoped that tailor-made training will help programs and a special needs medical care for the next Generation of E-athletes, to avoid similar damage.