Diabetes: For women with a particular risk

The statistics is striking: women with Diabetes have disorders in comparison to men have double the risk for heart. It is also more likely that you will suffer sooner a heart attack, and that this emanates from bad to worse. The causes for this are still speculation, in addition to hormonal factors, the therapy could play a role.

"Women with Diabetes die more often after your first Herzinfarkt", Judith rain Steiner, Director of the center for women’s health research at the medical faculty of the University of Colorado in Aurora. Because, at least in part, differences in treatment could be to blame. For example, one study showed that women occupy in the year after the diabetes diagnosis to ten percent less cholesterol-lowering drugs than men. Also, the probability that you take additional drugs to protect the heart, is seven percent lower than in men.

In addition to the sex hormones also cardiovascular risk factors are likely to play a role, as women did in a study on the risk factors body fat percentage, blood sugar level, blood pressure, cholesterol and Smoking status overall, less than men.

The scientists advise women to be actively and regularly see a doctor. Observational studies suggest that women with Diabetes more frequent and intense Sport to drive than men with Diabetes to protect your heart. For at least 150 minutes moderately intensive activity, such as brisk walking, or 75 minutes of vigorous activity per week, and in addition, twice per week is recommended muscle strengthening – the more, the better.


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