Cycling is the most common reason for severe head injuries

An Australian-new Zealand study of head injuries in children resulted in: riding, skateboarding, and especially Cycling with a higher probability of serious head injury than contact sports such as Football or Rugby.

For the study 8.857 children were examined with head injuries between 2011 and 2014, hospitals in Australia or new Zealand visited. A third of them, including 78 percent of boys injured during Sport. 45 3.177 sports-related head injuries were serious. The most common causes of serious head injury to ride a Bicycle (44%), skateboarding (18 percent) and horseback riding (16 percent). Australian Football and Rugby led to a serious head injury, football to none.

Whether the injured children were wearing a helmet, it is not apparent from the investigation. The results load in spite of everything, once again, how important it is for sports such as Cycling, horse-riding or skateboarding, wear a helmet. "The study showed that children presenting after a head injury in the emergency room, and recreational sports such as horseback riding, skateboarding, and Cycling were more common in severe head injuries suffered as children, the ausübten&quot contact sports such as Football, Rugby, Basketball or football;, summarizes Professor Franz Babl, from the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute the results.

The investigations were carried out from the PREDICT research network, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute and in the Australian Medical Journal published. As a severe brain injury, all cases were classified, in which a neuro-surgical treatment, a minimum of two nights in the hospital and/or artificial ventilation were necessary.