Corona and Ramadan: What is true for diabetics?

Due to the changes in the rhythm of the meals during Ramadan hypoglycemia threatening for diabetics during the day, while the blood sugar is skyrocketing after the extensive dinner in the height. By the Coronavirus pandemic still have to face other challenges this year, warns the German Diabetes society (DDG).

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Hypos occur during the month of Ramadan in diabetic patients are seven times less likely. To severe hypos, requiring a hospital stay, it is even five times as often as otherwise. "This danger therapeutically cushion, must be adapted to the drugs and the therapy will transition well planned werden", Dr. med explained. Mahmoud, Sultan of the Association of "Diabetes and Migranten" of the DDG.

An important aspect of &quot add to that this year:;An accurate monitoring of the blood sugar level is in the current Corona pandemic is more important than ever. In the case of a disease with Covid-19, a fasting impaired diabetes metabolism may be associated with a more severe course of Infection." High-risk patients should therefore be better on the fast, advises the Sultan.

In the evening, only a little carbs

In addition, it is recommended that diabetics, fasting only under medical monitoring. Then you can have the time of lent also has a positive effect on health, because a reduced calorie intake helps to achieve the individual treatment goals. "We recommend that patients, the evening fast-breaking to pay attention to nehmen&quot as little as possible carbs to;, the Diabetes and diet assistant Johanna Karapinar from Osnabrück. Bread, potatoes, rice, and sweet Baklava or drinks should only be in small quantities consumed.

In spite of their chronic disease, they relieve you actually of this religious duty of fasting, nearly 80 percent of all Muslims with Diabetes for at least 15 days. Sultan explained: "Ramadan is not only a religious Dogma. The month of fasting goes well with socio-cultural aspects, such as the joint almost hand-in-hand break in the evening. Who will not be participating, it can quickly feel excluded." This year, the willingness to fasting is particularly high, presumably because there is a sense of cohesion during the current Covid-19-mediated pandemic.


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