Convalescent Corona-patients can help with a donation of a Covid-19-patients

Worldwide, scientists are researching possible therapies against the novel Coronavirus. Great hopes rest on the so-called immune plasma with antibodies. The new approach does not, is reported by Professor Cornelius Knabber in the Interview. He is the Director of the Institute for laboratory and transfusion medicine heart and diabetes center NRW in Bad Oeynhausen, University hospital of the Ruhr-University of Bochum.

Professor Knabber, since last week to notify patients in their Institute, which are recovered from an infection with the Coronavirus. On the Info-Flyer, it says: “your plasma donation could save lives: Help them now!”. How exactly does a former Corona can help Patient?

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The people who have survived infection with the novel Coronavirus, have specific antibodies against the Virus in the blood. Antibodies, antibodies, and special proteins that the body against pathogens and forms to make them harmless. Someone infected with a pathogen, certain white blood cells to form specific antibodies. Even after surviving a disease of the cells to form more antibodies. In the case of the novel Coronavirus, these antibodies seem to be able to the Virus is partly to combat it. The antibodies can be useful gradients for Covid-19 – patients with severe Disease, supporting the defenses of the Virus need. We now want to blood plasma with the specific anti-bodies by Recovering to win to give this then seriously ill as a therapy. The principle is treatment with therapeutic Plasma. Calls such as our, there are now several University hospitals in Germany, from the German Red cross in various provinces. But we were the first to get the production and application of this therapeutic plasma at the end of March approved.

Professor Cornelius Knabber, is Director of the Institute for laboratory and transfusion medicine heart and diabetes center NRW in Bad Oeynhausen, University hospital of the Ruhr-University of Bochum

Is it demonstrated that the administration of therapeutic Plasma in Covid-helps 19?

The Situation at the Moment is Yes, unlike else where in the rest of large clinical trials. It is from China small observational studies with References, that this method can help. For us currently: The patients should go a week after the administration of plasma preparations better. Otherwise, it has availed nothing.

What is the procedure practical?

The public health offices in East Westphalia-Lippe to write to a former Corona-patients who have recovered from the disease. You will be asked to log in to our blood donation services in Bielefeld, Minden, Bad Oeynhausen, Bünde and Herford. A doctor people, the report questioned, initially by telephone. It is important that those who really had a proven Corona-infection. Then, we determine with a small Blood draw, whether, how many and which antibodies to the new Coronavirus are available. A little later on, the dispenser will be taken on a so-called plasmapheresis, in small portions a total of about 750 milliliters of blood through a vein and then processed. The cells of the blood, red and white blood cells, are returned to the donor back. The Plasma, the fluid of the blood with the antibodies, flows into a collection bag. The procedure takes 30 to 40 minutes. After the preparation and subsequent processing of the seriously ill Covid-19-patients 250 can get-ml-bag with therapeutic Plasma as a drip. You can say: A donor can help with a donation of a Covid-19-patients.

If you donate the Plasma with the antibodies – they still have enough antibodies in your blood?

The donor must not have to Worry. The specific antibody to be constantly recreated. Theoretically, you could carry out the procedure every week, without harm to the donor. To the normal blood donation, however, you should go only once in a quarter.

What is the significance of the therapeutic Plasma at the Moment?

So far, there are no specific therapies for Covid-19. A few drugs are being tested in the studies: Remdesivir, an Ebola drug, and chloroquine, a Malaria remedy. But part of it does not exist only in a limited quantity, portion is not clear how well they work and what side effects. Therapeutic Plasma is Sars CoV-2 is a bridge technology for particularly serious cases: We try to bridge the time until there are other ways of therapy. Therapeutic Plasma has been used in the past in other epidemics: the 2009 Influenza H1N1, the “swine flu”, and, in some cases, the Sars Virus, the focused 2002/2003 grass. And the method helps in clinical practice, for example in patients after heart transplantation, if infected with a certain Virus. The principle of therapeutic Plasma or from plasma donations obtained antibodies is well known.

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