Convalescent Corona-patient reported: Had 20 minutes to say goodbye to all

You can see in the Video: Convalescent 33-year-old Corona-patient – “Had 20 minutes to say goodbye to all”.

O-TON JANET MENDEZ “I’m for about a month in the hospital. The exact date I don’t know, it’s been so long. But now I can finally go home. It was a long way to go. Not for me, but especially for my family. They were the ones who prayed. They were forced to participate in every single day, while I was unconscious.” “I’m much better now. When I was admitted, I should have been blue. I still remember that my face looked like a smurf. That was scary. And then you said to me: “we will put you to sleep now”. Then everything went very quickly. I had less than 20 minutes of your time to say goodbye to all. And you at the same time inform you that they may have been exposed to the Coronavirus. My mother, I had to promise that I would recover. “I am grateful to God that I was allowed to leave the hospital, and me, the Coronavirus has not taken.” O-TON, CHIEF OF CARDIOVASCULAR SURGERY AT MOUNT SINAI MORNINGSIDE, DR. JOHN PUSKAS “We celebrate a victory. She was a terminally ill woman, hung for ten days on the ventilator. Now you can go home to your family. I am glad our Team and am grateful.”