Boys: Early puberty due to excess weight?

Not only in girls, the puberty more frequently at an early stage, if they are too thick. Chilean researchers have presented at the annual meeting of the society for endocrinology in New Orleans results, according to which puberty begins in boys, with obesity more likely.

According to a survey of 527 Chilean boys aged four to seven years, the probability that puberty began before the age of nine years, increased both in the case of Obesity, as well as a lot of belly fat.

The researchers from the University in Santiago, Chile, found that 22 percent of the young between six and seven years, were obese. 11.4 years, the average age for the onset of puberty in this group, the proportion rose to 28.6 percent. Nine percent of the boys entered early puberty. In the case of boys, five or six years, overweight was 2.7 times more common than in normal weight children. Also boys with Central obesity, which is characterized by too much abdominal fat, were 6.4 per cent early in puberty.

Professor Maria Veronica Mericq &quot notes: ;With the increase of obesity in children the age of puberty in girls starts has fallen, the world. In the case of boys this was not, as yet, controversial.” Early puberty could increase the risk for behavior problems and to lead in young adult age increased testicular cancer. In order to reduce these and other risks, it holds, it is important to combat obesity in children.


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