Boy threatens the house on fire because his parents forbid him Fortnite

Compulsive sexual behavior, and Video or Online game internationally recognised health disorders are now. Both are included in the “International classification of diseases (ICD-11)”, which was adopted at the annual meeting of the world health organization (WHO) formally. This catalogue comprises of 55,000 diseases, symptoms, and causes of Injury. He is for the first time in nearly 30 years passed and comes into force on 1. January 2022 in force.

Video and online game addiction starts for the WHO, if a person is more than twelve months, organizes all other aspects of the life of the Play, when he loses his friends, or his personal hygiene is neglected. The Gaming industry had protested, because she fears that people who play a lot, to be suddenly classified as a therapy in need of. Especially the game “Fortnite” has led in the last time to addiction for many gamers the game. Affected are mainly young.

Online game addiction: Particularly “Fortnite”-players are affected

The neuro-scientist Jill Sweatman from Australia reported in the “Herald Sun” of a recent case in which a 14-Year-old had fire threatened the home of his parents, because they had forbidden him the “Fortnite”-Play. The Boy was constantly getting late to school and played on the weekends with non-stop, then had him taken away from the parents for the Computer.

Worldwide, approximately 250 million gamers “Fortnite”, which was just released not even two years of play. Experts warn for a long time before the impact. “You can’t sleep. You don’t go to school anymore. You say social activities. A lot of Kids have stopped doing sports, so you can continue to play”, describes the behavior researcher Michael Rich, station leader at a children’s hospital in Boston, the behavior of game-addicted children.

Also sex addiction as a disease recognized

In addition to Video and Online game addiction sex addiction of the WHO was recognized as an official disease. To behavior compulsive sexual, among other things, excessive porn consumption, or phone sex can count, such as Robert Jacob, head of a group of classifications (ICD) at the WHO, said. The diagnosis is appropriate according to the Definition of professionals when Concerned intense, recurrent sexual impulses you cannot control over a longer period of time and this life, your family or work or social behaviour influence.

Sources: “Herald Sun” / Daily Mail / REUTERS