Blood poisoning with Vitamin C to treat?

Blood poisoning is a serious disease that can be fatal. Researchers at the Virginia Commonwealth University in the USA have now found out that patients receive during their hospital stay, intravenous Vitamin C, have a higher Chance to survive the infection.

In the case of a Sepsis pathogens or their toxins reach the circulation of substances in the blood and can affected organs. The disease is not detected early enough and treated, it can fail to tissue damage, organ and lead to death.

In a new study, it was examined whether high-dose Vitamin C has a positive effect on the course of a blood poisoning. The results sound sobering, because it showed that Vitamin C had no positive effects on the function of the organs, or inflammatory markers in the blood of the 167 studied study participants. At the same time, it turned out, however, that the patients who received in addition to their therapy, intravenous Vitamin C, survived with a higher probability: Within 28 days, the death rate of 46 percent, fell in the Placebo group to 30% in the Vitamin C group. The researchers report in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

"We may have a life-saving therapy gefunden", author of the study, Alpha A. Berry Fowler says. In addition, the dose of Vitamin C contributed to the fact that the patients recovered much faster from the infection: on Average, they were able to leave three days earlier, the intensive care unit and were discharged a week earlier from the hospital than patients who received no Vitamin-C-injections.

Sepsis is one of the most common causes of death in American hospitals every year for some 300,000 deaths. The disease is an emergency and must be treated right away. Who provides the following warning signs in yourself or another Person, should immediately alert the emergency service 112.