Asthma: reflux disease may cause shortness of breath

Some patients with Asthma despite treatment is always breathing problems or cough. The Asthma may not be the cause of persistent complaints, but a reflux disease: an Uncontrolled manner into the esophagus back flow of stomach contents can press into the lungs and cause irritation and asthma-like symptoms.

In most people, Asthma can be well with inhalers or other medications to treat. Some of this does not help, however, because the symptoms are caused by stomach contents flowing into the esophagus back and the airway gets. Doctors then speak of the reflux disease. This power often due to heartburn noticeable, but may also induce coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath and even pneumonia.

"If patients with persistent Asthma symptoms in the clinic and medicines do not help, you may want to consider at the time whether the Problem may be from outside of the lung kommt", Dr. Jeffrey B. King, head of gastroenterology at National Jewish Health said. "It is not uncommon that these patients have never had Asthma, and the real Problem is located in the stomach."

Gastroesophageal reflux disease can without therapy severe Schäthe cause

If pathological Reflux is not treated, it can cause scarring in the lungs and cause serious damage, which can make even a lung transplant is required. The risk for esophageal cancer is higher. Through lifestyle Changes, medication or in severe cases, surgery the reflux disease can be treated effectively.

A Concerned describes: "My Doctors kept trying different inhalers and nothing has worked. It came so far that I could not climb even a few stairs without being completely out of breath, and I was treated for two years with oxygen." It was only after she had been admitted to hospital with a bacterial pneumonia in the hospital, saw a specialist, the cause of the problem, and their symptoms improved immediately after surgery.


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