Anal plug brought to woman in clinic: a doctor explains the dangerous risks of the Sex toy

Erotic toys can provide during Sex is a special Kick. However, the user should also be able to handle this – other than a British Couple with an anal plug.

The experimentation of Emily, Georgia, and a male Known in the Sex, ended for the 20-year-old Englishwoman in the operating room of a hospital. The Couple wanted to try out in a wild night with a butt plug, even Butt Plug called. However, the ten-centimeter-long sex toy made of stainless steel remained in the intestine of the young woman stuck. Compared to the English “Sun,” said the young woman: “I think he was too excited and pressed the end of even with pure”.

After all Attempts failed to remove himself, had Emily to the hospital. There, the metal stopper had to be brought into a multi-hour Operation out of your rectum. For the young woman in the incident remained without permanent damage, it could be different, such as a gynecologist Bodo Müller, told FOCUS Online: “If the toy is to be introduced deep, it can cause serious intestinal injuries”.

Popular Stimulation for a woman and a man

The anal plug is a toy for the Stimulation of the nerves in the anal area of both men and women. Sex experts recommend novices to start with small Plugs, because the sphincter muscle needs time to get used to the strain. The Plug can remain from few minutes to several hours in the “Inside”. The worked-in stop to prevent too deep Penetration into the Anus.

Users will appreciate the Butt Plug as a tool to stretch the sphincter muscle and anal intercourse. Since the Anus is not very elastic and much tighter than the Vagina, it can come otherwise to injuries. “Because it is the sphincter to a normal muscle can be trained,” says Bodo Müller. The goal is to make anal sex pain free and pleasure full.

The sex toy can be worn during vaginal intercourse and as an additional stimulation funds are to be used.

Danger to life if the Plug is pierced in the gut by

Risky it is, if, as in the case of Emily, the toy is introduced. The foreign body can not be removed rectally, is in the worst case, a partial removal of the bowel is necessary. “When the Plug pierces the wall of the rectum, it can be even life-threatening,” says Müller.

Who plays with a butt plug, should this have to do with feeling and caution and not with heavy pressure. According to the gynecologist Müller the risk of injury is with proper application, however, low.