Also, flu can die: should we be afraid of the Coronavirus, anyway?

The flu in Germany is a deadly disease. Tens of thousands of Deaths and several million cases there can be, according to estimates, during heavy waves. In addition, the new Coronavirus is almost harmless. Nevertheless, the world is in turmoil, drastic measures are the result. The well-founded Concerns are based on – but also emotions.

Coronavirus is not supposed to implant in humans

Experts would have preferred that the new Virus will disappear completely. You want to prevent with all the available measures, a new, for some patients deadly pathogens infecting the world’s population. Also, according to the Robert Koch Institute, it is crucial to prevent the Virus continues in the people. Otherwise, there is permanently another Virus that can cause serious respiratory diseases, says a spokeswoman.

In addition, the Virus is new and not yet researched in detail. “As long as you are always the greatest caution, this is finally something knows about such a Virus,” said Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) on Monday in the ARD morning magazine suits with looking at pictures of clinic staff in Safety.

The measures for the containment of China to seal off cities, countries close borders to Infected from isolation – were designed to prevent as many further cases of the disease, says Bernd Salzberger, President of the German society for infectious diseases. It is also important to gain time: “The slower it goes, the more we know about countermeasures, such as antiviral drugs – used in China – and perhaps also the development of a vaccine.”

The measures “would not be usual in Germany”

In addition to these scientific reasons, it is also an emotional component. The images from China, where the new Coronavirus first appeared, to act drastically. Cities are sealed off as empty, swept, and millions of people from the outside world. That you only know little about the Virus, and in addition, people have died, a beneficiary of a high perception of Risk, says Michael Siegrist, an expert in risk perception at the ETH Zurich.


China reports record rise in infections and deaths

The psychological effect of fear and the perception of threat is not to be underestimated – the same is true for the authorities, supplemented Sonia Lippke, Health psychologist at Jacobs University Bremen. The Chinese authorities seem to have Lippke, according to concerns that the population loses confidence – and that of other countries, the Chinese government is incompetent. So it come to measures that “would not be usual in Germany”. The WHO had praised the Chinese response to the Virus specifically.

“Fear is not good in statistics”

So far, more than 17,000 people have been infected with the new Virus. The vast majority of which are in China. More than 360 have died. What makes the people? “The increase in cases, especially in China, will only take effect once the Situation is under control,” says infectious disease Loge Salzberger. You are not in control of something – for many people, this idea of fear.


Of China in the southern Palatinate: A barracks is Corona-quarantine station

At the same time, the pictures had from the blockaded city of Wuhan, said the göttingen anxiety researcher Professor Borwin Bandelow. The people said: “The make the without reason”. This fear can arise, which may not be justified. Bandelow says: “fear is good in statistics.”

The flu is generally made less Fuss than the Coronavirus. “Because we have become accustomed,” says Salzberger. Bandelow says: “most people get the flu and know that it’s over after 14 days. Remember that you can die of the flu.”

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